ANSE Technologies’ advanced aviation technology AIDA-1 eases aircraft docking at airports

ANSE Technologies is working towards smarter & better future.

ANSE Technologies, the leader of ICT engineering in Korea, is taking strong steps to become a global engineering company in the era of green growth technology and industry. The company is a prominent consultant for aviation communication and air traffic control systems in Korea.

Technology that guarantees safe operation

ANSE Technologies has developed A-VDGS (Advanced Visual Docking System) which provides a pilot landing on the runway with precise guidance of the approaching path and stop position automatically so the aircraft can approach the Passenger Boarding Bridge(PBB) in a fast and safe manner. The system identifies the approaching aircraft’s model accurately and displays the flight’s azimuth, closing rate distance, etc., on the Pilot Display Unit. AIDA-1 is an optimal A-VDGS system that captures a high definition 3D Laser-scanned image of an approaching aircraft to provide accurate docking guidance to the aircraft in any weather conditions. AIDA-1 verifies aircraft identifications not only by comparing the aircraft image contour but also the specific dimensional data of an aircraft so it precisely identifies the model and type of airplane approaching. 

A-VDGS AIDA-1 is operated normally in an Auto mode by the VDGS Main Computer connected to the FIMS (Flight Information Management System), but it can be also operated by the Manual Control Board (MCB) which is normally installed on the PBB if there is an emergency. A-VDGS AIDA-1 is the system developed by ANSE Technologies jointly with IIAC (Incheon International Airport) under Korean Government Support and Certification. The system complies with regulations and recommendations of ICAO and FAA. It guarantees a safe and convenient gate operation while increasing the balance and enhancing the service for crews and passengers through smooth airport operations.

Consultant for security and surveillance activities

Besides the aviation field, ANSE Technologies provides consulting, designing and auditing/supervision services for customers on a wide range of projects on implementation of Information and Telecommunications network/systems. The company’s business includes maritime, railroad and aviation telecommunications in relation to security and surveillance activities. SI/NI (System/Network Integration).

The company is leading in Korea in aviation technology system and wants to expand to other countries. ANSE Technologies team will be visiting Jakarta, Indonesia in October 2019, as part of a Korean startup forum to present its service to potential partners and investors.

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February 14,2020

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