Welcome, sponsors & partners. This is an overview of our sponsorship options for KoreaTechDesk.

We welcome sponsors who want to support Korean startup ecosystem in going global and from this sponsorship, we connect the sponsors globally with branding, partnership, etc for international business growth.

And we also connect you with Korea’s startup scene with a team of journalists & analysts, and 8 years of extensive regional editorial expertise, we cover the country like no other. Get strategic insights and leverage on our network and reach.

Our policies are simple: No tracking of user data. No intrusive ad in the story itself. Yes to relevant content that benefits readers.

We do this by telling stories about companies that drive technology. Sponsorships with KoreaTechDesk will drive brand impressions, referral traffic, and long-term SEO. They will give your company a great initial boost, and drive relevant and residual traffic for the foreseeable future.

Sponsorship options

  • Your Exclusive Billboard Ad on Every Page: At about 100,000 impressions per month, this is our most popular sponsorship package. All we need is your high-resolution logos, text copy, & preferred tracking link if any. The rest is on us.
  • Brand-as-author: Brand Accreditation & Validation, Drive traffic to your newsletters, product launches, or landing pages with your customizable mini-ad.

Contact our sales team at pressATkoreatechdesk.com to identify the right sponsorship opportunity for you.