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Published Date: November 16, 2020 ,Last modified on June 26th, 2021


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AIVAR means AI+VR+AR. Based on the body data AIVAR suggests what size is fit for you.

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2020.11. Seed Funding 2020.08. Stage Eureka Second Prize 2020.04 Selected as the 2nd KIDP Style Tech 2020.03 APP beta test started 2020.02 Selected as the 6th Kibo Venture Camp 2019.11DIC 2019 TRACK2 Grand Prize (SBA) 2019.06 Established Aiva Co., Ltd.

Company Overview

AIVAR is and Fashion Tech Company which gives the body data within 2 photos taken by customer’s own mobile phone.

Based on the body data AIVAR suggest what size is fit for you. And we also give you advice about bespoke information.

We just started last year that means we are in early stage. However, we already got the several results in the business field. And that’s why we can get a seed-funding this month.

Go forward with the AIVAR. Fashion is changing.


Problem Overview

Due to the Covid-19 pendemic, people are more willing to buy their outfits via smartphone or internet. It means people buy their cloths without trying it on before they buy. So this solution will let you know what size you will be fit and help you to buy correct one at once.

Solution Overview

Now we offer smart-body measurement by your smart-phone. All you need to do is taking 2 photos, front and side of your body sizes. And you can get a reslut of 6 part of your body. Then, we compare your size with the outfit that you want buy. We are not only suggest the size that you have to buy but also bespoke information

Go-to-Market Strategy and Business Model

First, we supply our solution to the agencies and government program. After that we approach to the on-line solution market. We already do some of the proj. with the big enterprises.

Competitive Landscape

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Founders' Bio

Kim Bo min


Even I had not expect that I would open up my own fashion brand. Because I have not much interest on fashion items and my major was chemical engineering. However, I got a break after I quit my job, and I choose to go to New York. Because it was my dream city. And I have been there for a month I had a chance to attend fashion-show. That show has changed my life. After I had decided to change my career path, I found a gifted designer and we started the fashion brand.


  • About AIVAR
  • Website : myfiit.ai
  • Location : South Korea
  • Company size : 5-10 people
  • Total funding amount: $130,000
  • Markets: covid-19e-commercefashionLifestylenon-contactonlineworldwide