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Mon, June 17, 2024


Press Releases

KoreaTechDesk, a prominent English media platform in operation since 2018, is at the forefront of disseminating valuable insights about the thriving Korean startup ecosystem. As part of the beSUCCESS media Group, led by James Jung, we have successfully garnered a dedicated readership, with over 50k global readers monthly. Our platform is not only followed by key dignitaries but is also endorsed by influential startup organizations in South Korea and around the world.


Our Offering:

Being a leading and reputable publication, we extend a unique opportunity for companies to share their news through exclusive ‘Press Releases and News features’. Our Press Release section, which you can explore here, serves as an influential space for companies to showcase their developments to a diverse and engaged audience.


Benefits of Publishing with Us:

1.    Visibility & Exposure:  Amplify your presence with our extensive readership, reaching key stakeholders in the Korean startup ecosystem and beyond.

2.    Networking Opportunities: Connect with potential partners, investors, and collaborators within the thriving tech community.

3.    Unfiltered Communication: Communicate your message authentically; we present your content exactly as received.

4.    Global Reach:  Benefit from a global audience, expanding your reach beyond local borders.

5.    Credibility & Trust: Leverage our reputation as a trusted source to enhance your company’s credibility.

6.    Innovation Showcase:  Showcase your innovations and milestones, positioning your company as a key player in the dynamic Korean startup ecosystem.

7.    Media Exposure:  Gain exposure within the media landscape, increasing your chances of being noticed by journalists and influencers.

8.    Recruitment Opportunities:  Attract top talent interested in contributing to the Korean tech industry.

9.    Partnership Opportunities: Explore potential partnerships, collaborations, and investment opportunities.

10. Access to Our Audience:  Tap into our dedicated audience, comprised of tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals.

Social Media Amplification:

In addition to publication on our platform, we offer automatic updates on our social media platforms – LinkedINFacebook, and Twitter, ensuring that your Press Release gains maximum visibility. Benefit from our active presence on social media to reach a broader audience and create a buzz around your news.

Our Process:

We offer a seamless process for publishing Press Releases, with content typically going live within 48 hours of receipt at a nominal rate. Our editorial team reviews each submission to ensure it aligns with the platform’s standards.  


How to Share Your News:

To share your Press Release on KoreaTechDesk, simply utilize the provided submission form. Our team will review your submission promptly and reach out accordingly. You can also directly send your query to [email protected] with subject :“Paid Press Release Submission”. 

Join us on KoreaTechDesk and let your news resonate within the vibrant landscape of the Korean startup ecosystem and beyond!