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Published Date: October 29, 2020 ,Last modified on June 29th, 2021


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AKA is developing A.I. engines and robots to help improve communication among objects.

Company Intro Video


  • 127 global institutions are actively using Musio for education
  • Gained 20,000+ active users in 4 months through Musio English rental business
  • Achieved a 321.69% growth rate in API users since December 2019.
  • 180+ Educational Books Publications
  • Partnership with Softbank, NHK World TV, ALC, Gakken, Cambridge English and Oxford Reading Tree
  • Investors include: Formation 8, Gakken, Quad and Chungdahm Learning
  • [2019 Korean Robot Awards] Commendation of the Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy
  • [54th Korean Trade Day] Top Exporters ($1M USD) Presidential Award (Presented in the President's Name)
  • [2017 Korean Robot Awards] Presented by President of the Korean Robot Association

Company Overview

AKA is developing A.I. engines and robots to help improve communication among objects.
Currently, we are focusing on applying Musio and Muse to the English education field, using in-house developed education functions, contents, education-oriented data, and various cross-collaboration with other content providers.

We believe that Musio can be the best solution for educating non-English speaking students in learning English with our A.I. education tool (Grammar Checkups, Pronunciation, Conversation Skills, etc.). The other reason is that Musio is not only an “Educational Robot”, but could also be your “First Robot Friend” with Artificial Intelligence.

Problem Overview

  • Lack of access to natural English conversation practice
  • Need for online education assistance tools spurred by the pandemic
  • Increased social isolation in elderly population

Solution Overview

Edu: Curriculum-based Repetitive study function with real-time pronunciation feedback.
  • Listening
  • Reading along
  • Conversation Practices
  • Test: Vocab, sentence, pattern
Learner's Chat: AI Suggestion-based English Conversation practice function
  • 160M+ Sentence Datasets
  • 600+ Conversation Topics
  • 200+ Roleplay Topics
  • Includes AI that recommends sentences to answer
Free Chat: Natural Conversation with AI
  • Simulate real-life conversation with native speakers
  • Natural conversation without topic constraints
For Seniors: Emotional ties for users through everyday conversation
  • Musio offers convenient voice command features for everyday activities
  • Deep-learning based natural language processing technology
  • Context-relevant and personalized conversations
  • Face and voice recognition
  • Musio can be used individually at houses, welfare centers or anywhere else for senior citizens.
  • For Musio in Japan: Top-bottom approach by contacting city councils directly and when the city accepts Musio, the schools in the district will implement our robot into their English education curriculum.
  • Partnership with Education institutions, education companies or publishing companies.

Go-to-Market Strategy and Business Model

  • For Musio English: Top-down approach by approaching city councils and when they accept Musio, schools in the city district would apply Musio into their English curriculum
  • Partnering with education companies and publishers

Competitive Landscape

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Founders' Bio

Raymond Jung new


Raymond Jung is a serial entrepreneur, originally from a software engineering background. Before starting AKA, he co-founded HACKERS Education Group, which is Korea’s number one English Education Private institution and investment firm in the US and in Korea. These two experiences have set the foundation for his motivation to start AKA. The motivation was to see changes in the era of AI, such as using intellectual power to supplement or substitute human labor force.

  • About AKA AI
  • Website : akaintelligence.com
  • Location : South Korea
  • Company size : 27 people
  • Total funding amount: $N/A
  • Markets: Artificial intelligenceEducationEdutechRoboticsSmart Home