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Published Date: January 6, 2021 ,Last modified on June 29th, 2021

eBridge World Inc.


Global Social Learning Platform - a gateway to K-Wave

Company Intro Video


The web service has been launched since July 2020 and the app since December 2020.  Currenty, DAU 45,000, user traffics from 180+ countries. Past 28 days: Users 899,515   Pageviews 2,122,198   Unique pageviews 1,276,566  Sessions 1,115,493

Company Overview

YalliYalli is a platform where global users can learn Korean language in their own language.  We currently offer the service in 30 different lanaguages.  In YalliYalli, users can learn Korean language more efficiently.  Using machine learning technology, we identify what each user already knows and doesn’t know through a diagnostic process and recommend contents that they need.  Users will have to pay for what they want/need to learn instead of buying a full course.  In a tutoring service, those who have learned and mastered Korean language can offer 1:1 and 1:N tutoring services.  It is by non-native Koreans for non-native Korean.    To enhance the tutoring service, we have developed our own video conferencing tool for an education setting.  It has a several features such as whiteboard and quiz generation.

Problem Overview

YalliYalli service is going to be a paid service from January 2021.  The next hurdle is generating revenue.

Solution Overview

  1. Collaboraiton with a popular brand: We are trying close a deal with KBS to convert and service their Korean lanaguage contents online.  We are going to convert their text book based contents so that it can be serviced on yalliyalli.com
  2. Partial pay service: instead of buying a full course, users can buy whatever contents they want to buy
  3. Gamification: there are many ways that users can earn mileage while learning Korean.

Go-to-Market Strategy and Business Model

Business models
  1. pay as you go: selling online contents
  2. Tutoring service: profit sharing with tutors 7:3
  3. Advertizing using the traffic

Competitive Landscape

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Founders' Bio

Youngchan Kim


Mobile games: NCSOFT Global Platform: Samsung (Smart TV Hub) Education: Siwon (English), Riiid (AI), Wonri (Math)

Kevin Oh


Accounting at McKesson Owner of education/consulting

Scott Lee


UCLA Ph.D in network sytem Samsung Electronics - Smart TV Hub


Term Sheet

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  • About eBridge World Inc.
  • Website : ebridge-world.com
  • Location : South Korea
  • Founded year : 01/05/2020
  • Company size : 15+ people
  • Total funding amount: $600,000 USD
  • Markets: Educationedutech service and platform