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Published Date: September 1, 2020 ,Last modified on June 29th, 2021



Genibot is an 'All-in-One' educational robot for coding, STEAM and Artifical Intelligence education

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  • Contract with Korean company (5,000 pcs) (January 2020)
  • Exclusive contract with Polish company (8,000 pcs) (February 2020)
  • Contact 6 countries (UK, UAE, Japan, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Spain) for the future sales

Company Overview

GENIBOT is an all-in-one educational robot which is capable of teaching interactive coding concepts, STEAM, and AI (artificial intelligence) for young students. From unplugged card coding to line-tracing, grid, language, music, mathematics in a variety of ways of STEAM, as well as AI for education to teach from the Age 4+ to teenagers the basic concept of coding.

Problem Overview

The robot education market has grown to $2.5 billion USD overseas and $106 million USD domestic market. However, interactive education(non-faced-to-face online lectures) between teachers and students is not possible with existing coding robots. Moreover, learning management system in education has limitations due to the lack of communication for real-time feedback and evaluation between educators and students.

Solution Overview

Our applied technology (patented Star-Network, Beacon industrial multi-tasking) provides real-time interactive communication between “GENIBOT”. It solves the existing communication problems, implements real-time individual evaluation with personalized learning through two-way communication in a contactless environment between teachers and students. In addition, the online/virtual LIMS(Learning Interactive Management System) solution maximizes the satisfaction of teachers and students through AI and coding classes in non-face-to-face online lectures.  

Go-to-Market Strategy and Business Model


  1. Korea
    • B2G: Kindergarten and elementary school markets /
    • B2B: Cooperation with member-based companies (e.g., Chungjae education) /
    • B2C: Online and offline store sales
    • In the future, we plan to expand the market for disabled students and senior dementia prevention for ages 60+.
  2. International
    • 2020: Export to 5 countries/ 2021: Export to 10 countries/ 2022: Export to 20 countries

Business Model

  1. Korea
    • Strategic alliance, network and distribution channel with three partners
    • B2G: Kindergarten, school, after-school education market / B2B: Member-based market including Chungjae education / B2C: Entered large online and offline distribution channels
  2. International
Software-based service and Educational Platform for product users:
  • It is possible to convert into learning content data through machine learning on the embedded sensor applying the Bluetooth LE-based mesh/star network.
  • By accumulating user data through LIMS, we can provide a variety of customized content and device packages suitable for the each level of user as a platform service (with deep learning) in the future.

Competitive Landscape

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Founders' Bio

EunSeung Lee


"Bellevue College - Computer Science University of California, Irvine - Mathematics Seoul National University Graduate School of Business - MBA 1. SIGONGmedia CSO, New business planning and Coding Education business directing 2. Korea Digital CMO, Overseas Business 3. SWIS Inc. CEO (USA, Silicon Valley) 4. Fermat U.S.A. Inc. (USA, LA)"

  • About GeniRobot
  • Website : genirobot.com
  • Location : Anyang, South Korea
  • Founded year : 2019
  • Company size : 6 people
  • Total funding amount: $0.12 Mil
  • Markets: EducationEdutechRobotics