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Sun, July 14, 2024

Published Date: August 22, 2020 ,Last modified on June 29th, 2021


DoseEase is a cost-effective data solution that collects, manages and monitors clinical trial data & subject compliance in real time

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  • A Clinical Trial Data & Subject Compliance Management Platform
  • Mobile App for subjects, Admin Web for sponsors and researchers
  • Intuitive Interface for both subjects and researchers
  • Real time test subject compliance verification
  • Objective & Quantitative Analysis of Dose effectiveness and toxicity
  • Compliance Record Automation
  • Clinical Trial Data Integrity and Credibility via using blockchain techonology
  • Can reduce the cost of conducting clinical trial Phase I by upto 30%
  • Superior subject retention rate during clinical trial

Company Overview

DoseEase is a cost-effective data solution that collects, manages and monitors clinical trial data & subject compliance in real time. Accumulated and verified data on DoseEase is stored on blockchain to prevent any type of data loss, tampering, or corruption, thus providing highly credible data. Consequently, DoseEase is able to offer a comprehensive quantitative analysis on effectiveness and toxicity of the clinical trial drug.

Problem Overview

Solution Overview

Go-to-Market Strategy and Business Model

Founders' Bio

Brian Oh


After graduating Seoul National University Business School, he worked for KB Investment Securities and Shinhan Macquarie Financial as Advisory, and participated in KB-Glandwood PEF (31.1 billion won) establishment and Powernet (78 billion won) acquisition projects, financing the construction of limestone mines and GCC plants, and selling 57 billion won worth of equity shares. Since then, he has worked as CFO of Pearl Abyss, which developed the online game "Black Desert" and has attracted 5 billion won from LB Investment, Stone Bridge, RCOS Investment, and 1.5 billion won from Korea Investment Partners. Currently, he is the CEO of LOKKS307 and has shown outstanding ability in developing business especially in education, music, and medical sector platforms."

Tom Lim


He served as the head of Danal Games Business Division, an online PC game developer, and signed an RPG 'LOCO' publishing contract in 57 countries around the world. Gong Games, which developed the real-time baseball game "Isa Manru" series, achieved 10 billion won in sales for three consecutive years, and he also achieved 10 billion won in annual sales of the martial arts RPG "Sword and Love" as the representative of Evatar Korea. In charge of business development and marketing of LOKKS307, he has abundant knowledge in overseas business and marketing, and plays a pivotal role in LOKKS' content-related projects.

  • About LOKKS307
  • Website : lokks.io
  • Location : Seoul, South Korea
  • Founded year : 2019
  • Company size : 13 people
  • Total funding amount: $USD 0.84 Mil
  • Markets: HealthcarePharmaceutical