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Published Date: October 26, 2020 ,Last modified on June 29th, 2021


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Master.GG makes monetization and engagement tools for eSports live streaming.

Company Intro Video

Company Overview

Master.GG makes monetization and engagement tools for eSports live streaming. Master.GG provides these services across 3 platforms:

Master.GG makes overlay tools and Twitch Extensions for individual streamers as well as major gaming companies. For individual streamers we provide new donation methods and chatbots along with realtime alert management. For gaming companies we develop overlays, Twitch Extensions and web based tools to support their pro league broadcasts or to deploy their marketing campaigns via live streams.

Fanboards is a Reddit for Streamers fan communities. A messaging forum where fans can communicate with the streamers off-broadcast, as well as amongst themselves. Fanboards also has a clip aggregator and is a place where viewers can discover new streamers and communities to be apart of.

Uwufufu is a user generated mini-game and quiz platform. Starting with ideal type tournament style games, it is a place where users can generate their own tournaments or participate in tournaments already created. Streamers play these tournaments during their stream as a way to engage and interact with fans, and itself becomes a content.

Problem Overview

Live streaming has been growing rapidly. On streaming platform Twitch alone, there are more than 6.9 million monthly active streamers +79%YoY. Over 907 billion minutes have been watched this year alone. Streamers work over 100 hour work weeks and they are constantly trying to grow their channel and monetize their followers. Viewers want a more engaging viewing experience, and want to interact not only with the streamer, but the community on and off the broadcast. Streaming has also helped gaming companies tremendously, as people watching people playing games also makes people want to play the games. They too need streaming tools to make the viewing experience not only more entertaining, but more informative and potentially lead to a conversion into a new player of their game. But these sort of tools are limited and still in its infancy.

Solution Overview

MASTER.GG provides streaming tools for individual streamers as well as gaming companies through their main product Master.GG. We provide overlay tools and new interactive donation methods to not only make streams more engaging, but also monetized. We also provide customizable shopable features for gaming companies of the type of overlay tool they want to build for their games as well as their pro-esports leagues. A sort of shopify for streaming tools. Through Fanboards, we provide a place where the fan communities of the streamer and gaming channels can interact and communicate off-broadcast. UwUFUFU is a mini-game and quiz platform where users can create their own casual game. Streamers can play these short games with their viewers on stream, and it becomes a new content idea.  

Go-to-Market Strategy and Business Model

We acquire individual streamers either directly or via their agencies, the MCNs. But once streamers use, they sort of become its own marketing engine as it shows on their streams and their channels such as YouTube. For gaming companies, for now there are limited number of companies that can make overlay tools and Twitch Extensions. Through our network we acquire the companies and as we build our portfolio, our track record will be a key driver. We offer pay per feature, so the gaming companies can pick and choose certain features, and they can work within their budgets to pick the best combination of functions and features they want.

Competitive Landscape

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Founders' Bio

Charlie Rhee


Hong Kwon Ahn



  • About MASTER.GG
  • Website : master.gg
  • Location : South Korea
  • Founded year : 2019
  • Company size : 5 people
  • Total funding amount: $500000
  • Markets: Gaming