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Published Date: October 27, 2020 ,Last modified on June 29th, 2021


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We develop the Smart Balance Trainer built-in Motion Detection Sensor and Online Fitness Platform.

Company Intro Video


  • Focused on the investment for our company specializing in Fitness content platform and Exercise Equipment
  • Achieved contract with Samsung electronics “Purchase contract”
  • A lot of Patent relevant to the FAVE, Smart Balance Trainer such as 2 tech patents in US, Korea (registered) 2 design patent in US, Korea (registered) , 2 pending tech patents in US, Korea
  • Relation or Partnership with Samsung electronics (Samsung Mobile & Application Partnership Program) and Busan I park Professional Soccer team
  • Got the MIK TOP 2 (Aving news in S.korea)
  • Collaborating with Samsung electronics and I Park professional soccer team as Partner included medical industry
  • Raised KRW 300MW in Seed funding

Company Overview

FAVE is a smart balance trainer, designed based on the combination of fitness equipment and ICT. A motion sensor built-in FAVE allows you to enjoy various sensible contents by playing mobile games. FAVE enables you to not only have fun but build the body balance and core muscles. Thru the app, you can be provided lots of health data information, Such as usage of exercise and center of pressure (Index of body balance) in real-time monitoring.




Exercise Effect with FAVE

FAVE is designed in the shape of a hemisphere that let you make a various pose on it. With FAVE exercise, you can have many great physical effects for your body.

The effects of FAVE have been widely proven through biomechanical evaluation by certificate authorities. ( DAEGU UNIV. HANBAT UNIV, Busan Economic Promotion Agency, Footwear Industrial Promotion Center, Ergonomics Society of Korea )


Motion Sensor

A built-in motion sensor is put in FAVE. The sensor measures the quantity of motion of a moving body and calorie burn rate. The motion sensor is FAVE proprietary technology protected by a patent right.


Compatible with App

  • Online Training 

The app, called FAVE Fitness, provides a professional excise training program. Users who get FAVE are allowed to keep getting trained at home through the training program recorded by the professional trainers via the app. You can utilize all the features of FAVE through the built-in sensor and professional training program. Besides, it will be way better Faving with a bigger screen. Simply hook up the app to tv (with Smart mirroring or HDMI cable).

  •  Smart Healthcare

While you are doing FAVE, the motion sensor sends the exercise information to the server 42 times per second. Right after you’re done, the app informs you COP (Center of Pressure), VO2MAX, Calorie burn, activity time.

  • Video Game Interface

With FAVE, you can work out an playing video games connection to a Tablet. FAVE makes exercise more fun!

 Portable and Easy Care

FAVE is light enough to carry compared to other competitors.

Easy to remove dirt and stain



FAVE is recommended by experienced users.

 project video thumbnail







Every single technology of FAVE has been protected by patents and intellectual property rights.



 Inflate FAVE first

When you first open the product, the air-tube will be filled with air already. If you need to inflate the air-tube, you can use the enclosed air-pump coming with the product.

FAVE control



FAVE 350: For professional athletics and old hands


FAVE 450: For beginners and children










We started running Strong Friends, Inc. as a group of athletics considering the way of enjoyable excise. Our goal is to provide top-notch training products that everyone loves. In addition to producing balance trainers, we develop healthcare contents as well in which VR and AR are linked. Our final destination is to manage user experience data via AI and Deep learning to create IoT healthcare global platforms and products.


Problem Overview

In the covid 19 pandemic, it’s harder to find a safe place to exercise.

Exercising at home is the best alternative.

But how can we do it well and have fun at the same time?

Solution Overview

We invented a fun and easy way to exercise at home.

Our product fave, a smart home fitness exercise equipment, with a built-in multi-sensor of advanced algorithms.

You can participated in live fitness classes, you can check the result after exercise immediately through mobile app.

Go-to-Market Strategy and Business Model

We will open offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Israel, and Indonesia and provide global subscription services through local influencer. The contract with Samsung will make our application available to 3.8 billion Samsung users worldwide every day.  

ㅇUS Market

– 2019. 08 Establish a foreign branch (California Santafe) – 2020. 02 Launch Indiegogo-Indemand & Amazon – We are negotiating about sale for FAVE and FAVE’s contents with USA Fitness franchise, 24 hour fitness.

ㅇ Israel Market

– We are looking for the B2B channel with Local Partner (Amit Scaleup Company). – Our service’s goal is Fit B2B2C. So we are negotiating about the sale for FAVE and FAVE’s contents with Israel Fitness chain, Ritual, F45. – We are planning to sell and marketing for our product and content with Amir Goodman who is the best sports star in Israel. – Amir Goodman and Yuria sashkov who is the Kick-boxing champion in Europe are broadcasting as an instructor for our fitness content.

ㅇ Collaboration with Samsung

– We are working with Samsung Electronics Co, Ltd. to connect Samsung healthcare application and got a license of SMAPP (Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program). – We are going to connect FAVE to the Samsung ‘Life Style TV’ with VD business Department.    

Competitive Landscape

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Founders' Bio

Sedon, Hwang


Hello, I'm Sedon Hwang, CEO of Strong Friends Company who brought up the idea of FAVE and actualized it. I was a pro bodybuilder.I was one of the representatives of Muscle Mania in Korea from 2014-2017 and received the No.1 bodybuilder championship. Unfortunately, I got injured 3 weeks before the competition and my coach didn't think I would be the bodybuilder afterward. I thought my athletic career was over. I was very frustrated and couldn't accept the fact that I can't be the bodybuilder anymore. However, instead of giving up, I started doing balance training to recover from the injury and finally I won the championship I attended. Based on my experience, in order to spread the balance training out further, I created FAVE.


  • Website : faves.co.kr
  • Location : South Korea
  • Founded year : 2017
  • Company size : 6 people
  • Total funding amount: $250,000
  • Markets: Healthcare