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Published Date: June 22, 2021 ,Last modified on June 29th, 2021


The leading global coding bootcamp in Korea.

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Wcoding is a credible and constantly growing coding bootcamp.

Since 2017, we have held more than 20+ batches of coding courses, received 1000+ inquiries, and 200+ students from all around the world. We also achieved excellent outcomes regarding branding strategies on our SNS pages. Until now, we had 30k clicks on our official website, 1,178 followers on Facebook, and 915 followers on Instagram. Also, we have hosted various free seminars, open classes, and hackathons in four years, attracting more than 200 people to join us in our seminars.

  • [2016] Certified as Lifelong Education Institution by the Korean Government
  • [2017] Attended 'Startup Festival 2017' held by Korea SMEs and Startups
  • [2019] Certified as an official 'Technology Based Venture Company' by Korea Technology Finance Corporation (KIBO)
  • [2020] Selected as a resident in Seoul Global Startup Center
  • [2020] Selected as one of the Top 10 Edu-Tech Startups

Company Overview

Wcoding is a leading global coding bootcamp in Korea. Our mission is to bridge Korea and the rest of the world by training and connecting potential tech talents from all over the world.

A common problem that is often mentioned among enthusiasts in Technology is that they have good ideas but it’s really hard to realize them due to the lack of technical background and experience in programming. By founding an international coding bootcamp and our in-house IT service center, we can turn non-programming talents into confident developers in 16 weeks and successfully pivot their careers for those who are interested in starting their career in IT but have no access or knowledge to the right path.

Problem Overview

A common problem that is often mentioned among Enthusiasts in IT and Technology is that they have good ideas but it's really hard to realize them due to the lack of technical background. Starting from web programming to APP development, the high demand for having software developers is in question. By founding a coding bootcamp, we think the idea will not only help bridge the gap between companies and potential developers but also give a chance to successfully pivot their careers for those who are interested in starting their career in IT but have no access or knowledge to the right path.

Solution Overview

To meet different demands from individual students, Wcoding provides diverse programming courses for students to choose from.

First, "Full-Stack Intensive Course." This is a 12+4 week program, which gives students a comprehensive understanding of the WEB in general, the world of programming, and most importantly getting into the mindset of a true programmer. In the course, they learn both frontend and backend languages (five stacks including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Php, SQL), as well as participate in side projects that require teamwork with other group members (class mates). This has been the most popular course among our students since they can apply what they have learned to practical projects in real life right after they graduate. On top of that, we have built an effective career support system that includes CV revision, mock interviews, real-life simulation of working in an IT startup. For most students with the will to land a job in IT successfully get into IT companies, without too much difficulty, and some also start their own endeavor as an entrepreneur with the tech base that they gained through our program.

Second, "Python Nights." This is a 16-week program for students who are interested in big data analysis, data visualization, game development, and artificial intelligence.

Third, we offer "special workshops" hosted by experts in IT from time to time to help broaden students' insights. Our vision is to train potential programmers, match them with jobs, and help companies to launch their products. We also emphasize the value of creating a community among students and programmers, helping them build a network of professional and social support.

Until today, we have had more than 200 graduates from our coding programs and more than 150 alumni who are active in the IT field in and out of Korea, which enabled us to build up a strong global network around the brand Wcoding.

Go-to-Market Strategy and Business Model

Wcoding has been running its business for more than 4 years in Korea. We have successfully launched 12 batches in our Fullstack intensive class and have alumni of more than 200 students now.

While maintaining the campus business, we hope to upgrade our products/services to increase our sales this year. We plan to strengthen our marketing strategies, including improving SEO, digital marketing analysis, website redesign, digitizing course contents, and branding. Also, we will reach out to more businesses/startups for IT consultation and seek more opportunities in software/web/app projects.

In order to reach the above goals, we have already developed an online learning platform that allows students to browse materials, practice, do quizzes, and keep up their learning pace online. The new service has successfully raised students’ satisfaction rate from the feedback received in the last two batches. Our next step is to launch a new website with new marketing strategies and video content in July.

Wcoding's main stream of revenue comes from student’s tuition fees. Following the actual price in 2020, tuitions for full-time and part-time programming courses are $ 2,300 per month (120 hours) and $ 450 per month (20 hours). Also, the tuition for small group projects is $ 600 per month. On average, we have 8-12 students per class, per month, and 3~4 classes running simultaneously. Also, outsourcing projects for websites, applications, and software solutions range from $50,000 to $500,000. At Wcoding, we remain focused on building our strengths in reputation in education and community building - However, we do have ambitious yet realistic plans to branch out globally in the future.

Competitive Landscape

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Founders' Bio

Kyung Dong (Kyle) Kim


Kyle is our co-founder and CEO. He was an instructor and team leader at PAGODA Academy, CEO of Whimsy F&B, and a mentor in various Korean accelerators. With more than 15 years of experience in education and startups, he is now in charge of business operations, CS, HR, and Marketing, leading a business team of 5 members in Wcoding.

Alex Oh


Alex is our co-founder and CTO. He was a leading developer and independent software consultant in various US companies such as AT&T, Verizon, and JP Morgan. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, he is now our software architect, leading 5 developers in our IT service center and 2 instructors at Wcoding campus.

Term Sheet

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  • About Wcoding
  • Website : wcodingcampus.com
  • Location : Korea
  • Founded year : 15/10/2016
  • Company size : 11 people
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