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Fri, June 14, 2024

Mentors Community

KoreaTechDesk and beSUCCESS Media Group are expanding throughout the world and we are looking for more mentors who are passionate about what they do, have a strong desire to teach the “been-there, done-that” lessons to our cohort of Korean start-ups and have the ability to motivate Korean start-ups so that innovative ideas can be turned into ground-breaking products globally.

So, If you’re interested in applying to join the KoreaTechDesk and beSUCCESS Media Group mentors community for Korean startups,  you’re at the right place. Our goal is to assemble a supportive community of diverse people across talents, geographies, and backgrounds to help early-stage founders. Those accepted will help founders get to product/market fit faster by providing feedback on early (confidential) betas, answer domain-specific questions, and more. This will be fun. This is an experiment. 😊

For the compensation, we leave it to entrepreneurs and mentors to agree on (money and/or equity). So if you find yourself a good candidate for this position, please read the process below:

  1. We need you first to fill our Questionnaire below so that we know your expertise/domains and how you wish to be engaged with entrepreneurs (compensation and time available).
  2. Our team will review your filled questionnaire and evaluate if you get our approval or not.
  3. We get your name listed among our mentors in our mentors group. (* The mentor list is not disclosed publicly)
  4. Whenever we have a new startup approaching us, we do the first validation to make sure the startup is interesting and the entrepreneur has a good monetization model plus a clear business plan.
  5. We send the information about the new startup to some selected mentors depending on their industry and experiences.
  6. If the mentor sees the idea as interesting and can have enough time to contribute, then they show their interest.
  7. We introduce the entrepreneur(s) to the mentor and they get to know each other. The entrepreneur(s) might be willing to have direct interaction with the mentor to see if there’s any synergy.
  8. If both agreed then compensation will be discussed later. Of course, we will preview the entrepreneur(s) about the compensation that the mentor is looking for. We leave some room for negotiations. The equity compensation depends on the stage of the startup and number of hours the mentor is ready to dedicate.
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