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Wed, May 29, 2024

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KOSME 2023 – Singapore startups

Company NameEquity Capital Raised(USD) so farCurrent Investor ListsShort DescriptionTraction
BioHealthCore Inc2019N/AN/AHyo Taek LeeCEO

We provide 'SoundBody'! Digital Healthcare ICT Device(Ski Simulator, Grip Strength Device)

  • 200% Sales
  • 2 Patent
  • Exhibitions(CES, MEDICA) Certifications(CE, FCC) and MOU(European Hospital) last year. In this year, our purpose is to launching the product to the market and distribute it especially to rehabilitation and aging targets.
Shukran Korea Inc.2022N/AN/ASeung KimCEO

The solution provides the Halal/Allergic safeness index of Korean Cosmetics and Food for consumers. With the solution, consumers will be able to check and learn about the product including Halal Conformity

  • Currently the solution is under development
  • So far more than 20K ingredients are processed and used as the training data for the cosmetics and 800K of food ingredient data are processed. Currently the revenue is coming from B2B trading to UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
A-Life Corp.2017300,000
  • Hite-Jinro 
  • KVIC
Sangjin KangCEO

We manufacture plant-based meat products with better taste and texture.

  • We’re already selling to the largest food companies in Korea, including Starbucks, Pulmuone, and the Ministop convenience store chain.
  • We make $1.3M in annual sales, which is steadily increasing.
  • We’ve also partnered with Korea’s top universities for R&D.
A Virtual2020200,000CCEIDylan KimCEO

We kill airborne viruses with 4G Nano technology.  We have been validated in the UAE market already, and going for global market for Water purification and Renewable energy efficiency with  future 5G Nano technology.

  • Since foundation in 2020
  • We earned $1.2M as revenue last year, and closed export contract worth $7.4M to Dubai recently.
  • We are seeking $1.5M fund-raising for global expansion and team building and R&D for 5G nano material technology.
Intellectus Corporation2020900,000
  • Innopolis
  • Partners
Andy KimCEO

We develop and supply data fabric-based customized AI solutions specialized in the smart factory, smart city, and digital twin industries.Our flagship product, 'Knowledge to Act,' solves data silos that make it possible to utilize data owned by companies.

We've successfully obtained several projects in the industry of smart factory (digital twins), autonomous driving, and meteorology based on data fabric that obtained revenue of 5.1M USD for the next five years. It is obvious that the need for smart city and digital twins in the Middle East region maximize their profits by efficiently managing and processing data. Also, we are expanding our market to the South East Asian region, where we've got a contract s with a local company providing meteorological devices to the government in Thailand and Malaysia.
NEXTON Co., Ltd201716M KB Translink SETI
Mint Global Small & Medium Venture
Business Corporation E-best ABC Capital
Jae-bin ChoiCEO, FounderNexton pioneers ICT and AI-based precision agriculture, featuring a meticulously crafted plant infrastructure and diverse crop cultivation know-how including world-class strawberry. Nexton is differentiated from other industry participants by ; 1. Mass-producing, proven indoor vertical farming technology and unlimited production spatial use: Okcheon Tunnel, Nambu Metro underground subway station, Taebak Warehouse-typed Strawberry Production Facility, 2. Innovative Urban Lifestyle Farm Complex and Contents derived from own cultivated strawberries (Berrytale and Madberry, upcoming in September), to embrace circulating value chains from production to consumption plus tourism attractions within one building, 3. Implementing world-class low-temperature strawberry and diverse crop cultivation expertise, 4. Intensive phytochemical research aiming to extract and amplified bioactive components and commercialize them into diet, skin whitening, eye-health products and more,[2023] - MoU-Saudi MISA(Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia) - MoU-PMI KSA(Project Management Institute) - NEXTON ASIA JV(Urban Strawberry Indoor Farm) - Myeongdong Strawberry Urban Lifestyle Farm Contents & Complex Opening - Taebak Strawberry Factory Completion(3,000 sqm) - USD 40M amount of Export Contract to Kuwait
[2022] - MOA to JV, NEXTON MENA
[2021] - Seoul Metro Nambu Terminal Subway Station Underground Farm(1,400sqm) [2018] - Okcheon Tunnel Farm(7,000 sqm)
VEStellaLab Inc.20183000K

Aju IB
CNT Tech
Honest Ventures
Samho Green Investment
Enright Ventures
Plan H Ventures

Sangsu JungCEOVEStellaLab Inc. innovates smart city and autonomous vehicle industries with advanced technology to solve the problem in GPS-shaded areas. We proactively presented AI Smart Parking Navigation System 'Watchmile' and Unmanned Valet Parking Solution 'ZeroCruising' for the present and the future of mobility.Key Performances]
1. Reference: more than 100 sites including Incheon International Airport, Lotte Department Store Jamsil (hotel, theme park, mart), KINTEX (convention center), Seoul Station Parking Lot, Ansan Grand City Xi (mega-sized apartments), Anyang SKV1 (office building), Seoul/Ansan/Anyang/Ulju Public Parking Lots, and etc.
2. Use Case: Airport, Shopping Center, Theme Park, Apartment, Private Building, Private & Public Parking Lot, Parking Tower, Indoor/Outdoor Parking Lot, etc.
Tweennano Co., LTD2021528K CNT TECH
Jae Hoon NaCEOSmart farms are intelligent farms that can remotely or automatically maintain and manage the growing environment of crops and livestock by incorporating IoT, big data, AI, automated systems, and robot technologies into facility horticulture (vinyl, glass greenhouses), livestock, etc. The number of livestock breeding continues to increase due to increased consumption of livestock products, but it has emerged as a social problem due to various complaints caused by the smell from livestock manure. Company developed nano heating film, odour reducing equipment for smart farm.Adjust the amount of power consumed by varying the resistance by contracting and expanding as the film temperature changes. Nano Heating Film Global Market Sales Forecast in 2023 : $1.5 million Nano Heating Film Global Market Sales Forecast in 2027 : $5.0 million Number of overseas customers by 2023 : 7 Target number of overseas customers by 2027 : 30
ZeroOne AI Inc.201925K Next CanadaJunho SongCEO We innovate the risk prediction of drug compatibility, pancreatic surgery and kidney surgery with Generative AI for Clinical Decision Making.  Hybrid cloud-based AI platform covers from distributed big data to LLM(Large Language Model) operation for Hospitals and Bio-Medical Research Centers.   Hospital and medical research centers : 20
MD, AI developers and graduate student : 200
Korea MFDS (KFDA) Medical Device Registration and Approval : 1 AI SW in progress, 8 AI SW we aim for within 5 years
Tacticalist Co., LTD2019500K CNT TECH
Luke Changhoon LeeCEOAt Outstandards, we conceptualize and create unique, innovative products like no others in the world. Our products are mission-generated, designed and forged through practical experiences during service to our country in some of the world’s most difficult and challenging environments. Our products are tough and are designed for everyday tactical and practical use. If you love the great outdoors like we do – exploring, hiking, camping, hunting, or preparing for your next mission – our gear is made for you. Our products are built for all of us, for our collective missions. Because at Outstandards, your fight is our fight.- 35 Different Sales channel, including USA, CANADA, MEXICO, Germany, Austria, Swiss, Chez, Australia and Kuwait - Revenue 1.5 Mil USD

KOSME 2023 – Singapore startups

Company NameEquity Capital Raised(USD) so farCurrent Investor ListsCategoryShort DescriptionTraction
LabSD, Inc. 20,000SOPOONG VenturesHealth

Approximately 253 million people worldwide are affected by blindness or visual impairment, with a staggering 89% residing in resource-limited regions. The EYELIKE Platform comprises: i) a portable and user-friendly digital ophthalmoscope, which can be easily attached to upcycled smartphones for retinal screening, operated by existing healthcare professionals within the community; ii) an Artificial Intelligence-based Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) currently in development; iii) a dedicated application along with a web-based dashboard for the collection, analysis, and visualization of patient information; and iv) an Online Donation Module designed to attract global donors by presenting eye health hospital statistics in resource-limited areas, thereby ensuring a continuous care pathway for patients.

- Piloting in 5 Different Countries
- Legal entity in 2 countries (India & Vietnam)
- Medical Device Approval in 2 Countries (ROK & Vietnam)
- 12 Clinet Organizations
- 35K People Screened
- 87K Images Colleced & Labelled
Layers Cosmetic Co. Ltd. N/AN/ABeauty & Healthcare

Nesh is a beauty solution brand specializing in 'women's hair loss'. Nesh offers scalp care products along with complementary services that help women achieve their scalp goals.


- Revenue growth rate from '21 to '22 was 321%
- Expected revenue growth rate from '22 to '23 is 100%
- Awarded as #1 Anti-hair loss shampoo in Korea's #1 Beauty Community <HwaHae>
- Consumer repurchase rate is 65% (2201~2212)
- Consumer targeting accomplished, 80% of consumers are women, 45% of them are in their 30s
LOXISnonenonenetwork system smart farm infrastructure

Loxis provides smart farm services that are cheaper and smarter than other smart farms.

- Registered 1 patents(US)

-  Registered 3 patents(KR)

- Applied 1 patents(PCT)

-  Applied 6 patents(KR)

-  Applied 2 trademark patent(KR)

LIVIT Inc.N/AN/AEnvironment/ESG

TANSOLUTION is an AI simulator based carbon emission management solution for enterprise. We provide a seamless carbon net zero journey via automated carbon emissions management and reporting tool based on key global frameworks

  • 3 Applied patents (KR)
  • Launched TANSOLUTION v1.0 in June 2023 and secured 5 paying enterprise users
MoConN/AN/AAutomotive, Industrial, Robotics, Agriculture, machine, Industrial, Software license
  • 6 Applied patents (KR), 1 Registered Patent (KR)
  • Revenue 118K USD (From Apr. 2023 to Aug. 2023)
  • Providing automatic door system solution & software license
Soo and Carrots Inc.N/AN/ATravelIt is a Community Powered Super-App which offers Travel Buddy Matching, Forum, Game-Like Language Learning Tools, and OTA services for Foreign Travelers
  • MAU 7900 (July)
  • Total Users: 20,000
  • Number of Partners (Who provide services on our OTA): 11
  • Transaction: None (Before Launch)
  • Service Availibility: Global (users from USA - France - U.K. - Austraila - Germany mainly)
AlphaOmegaN/AN/AMobility ESGAlphaOmega provides on-demand charging service for EV drivers. We have designed portable chargers to be charged up to 124 miles in 40 minutes at the place that customer requests
  • [Service]
  • Closed Beta Service starts on July
    - 100 Charging Service
    - Retention rates is over 60%
    - Expected 14,600 customer hit 24'

    - 2 patent applied
Amass Co., Ltd.nonenoneutomotive, Bigdata, AI, IT SolutionHigh-quality parts that are discarded or neglected due to difficulty in checking the parts information contained in the vehicle at auto insurance companies and junkyards provide opportunities for commercialization, inventory management, and distribution.
  • (Purchase) Effective Junkyard Management, Manage all aspects of car recycling business to ensure efficiency and profitability .

  • (Inventoy) Car Manufacturer Data-driven, Inventory management and sales Based on accurate part no. and compatibility information.

  • (Sell Everywhere) Integrating various eCommerce API services to various sales channels beyond offline wholesales(legacy) market.
Oldam256.4KKorea Venture Investment CorpConsumer GoodsWe are a consumer goods company founded in 2018, rooted in eco-friendly and sustainability principles. From the start, we aspired to become the Kimberly-Clark of ASEAN. Our initial focus was the ASEAN market, particularly Singapore, given its prominence. We adapted our product designs to resonate with the tropical essence of Singapore, considering its hot and humid climate. Our products uniquely blend Korean-inspired elements with the natural benefits of cedar leaf extract from Jeju lsland's Saryeoni forest. Today, we proudly stand as the No. 1 seller in Singapore on both Shopee and Lazada. We started in 2018 with $59K, and our numbers have been gradually increasing. Last year, we achieved $1.84M, and this year we're aiming for $3.42M. We've already secured more than half of that amount.
Coconut Silo, inc.Nondisclosure
  • Hyundai Motor Company
  • KIA
Application Software Development and SupplyCoconut Silo is a logistics/commercial vehicle specialized mobility startup.
Our business can be divided into two main parts, 'Truck Hailing Platform', which targets the global logistics market and 'Truck Maintenance Platform', which focuses on the truck maintenance market in Korea.
Our product name is Digital logistics platform based on cargo loading status visualization algorithm with dynamic modeling technology COCOTRUCK. COCOTRUCK is an advanced freight logistics platform for shippers and carriers, connecting whole actors in the logistics market into a single platform.
Through platform operation, Our company has grown into a company with sales of 2.8 billion won in 2022 and 1.4 billion won in 2021.
(22-year sales growth 199% compared to 21)