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Thu, May 30, 2024

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Company NameEquity Capital Raised(USD) so farCurrent Investor ListsCategoryShort DescriptionTraction
Gole-Robotics202314600,000Primer Sazze PartnersDongmin LeeCEOConstruction

Gole-AMR is revolutionizing the construction landscape by automating material transport through cutting-edge robotics. This innovation eliminates labor-intensive tasks, resulting in significant cost savings, and enables efficient material transportation, even in challenging construction site environments. Other features include durability, safety enhancements, and optimization of time and productivity.

30  pre-contract construction sites
Greenish Inc. 2021478,000YoonminJade SungCEOMedical device

The company's product, Ferti-Max, a groundbreaking lubricant, creates an alkaline environment in a woman's vagina, optimizing conditions for sperm viability and movement. Designed to aid conception efforts, Ferti-Max offers an accessible way for couples to prepare for pregnancy from the comfort of their homes, supplementing fertility treatments.


Conducted a survey of fertility patients
Vsion Inc.202211523,700
  1. DG Tech Holdings
  2. Yoonmin
  3. Korea Investment Accelerator
  4. Y&Archer
HeeYoung YUNCEOEnergy Efficiency/Zero Energy Building

The company will present PDLC Film, an intelligent window film tailored for zero-energy buildings. This innovative film reduces heating and cooling loads, leading to energy cost savings and decreased carbon emissions. Its unique ability to switch between transparency and opacity via electrical controls adds versatility, serving as a blind function and even a projector screen.

- Registered 2 patents(KR), Applied 3 patents(KR), Applied 1 patents(PCT)
- As of August 2023,  achieved more than 200% of last year's sales
BEI Lab20202518 Million
  1. KAIST
  2. Stonebridge Investments
  3. POSCO
  4. SJ Investment Partners
  5. BSK Investments
  6. Korea Credit Guarantee Fund
  7. Industrial Bank of Korea
  8. Woori Bank
  9. ID Ventures
  10. Samho Green Investments
Changdeuck BaeCEOHigh energy density lithium ion battery manufacturing

Their lightweight lithium metal battery boasts double the energy density of traditional counterparts, promising to revolutionize electric vehicles by enhancing driving range, safety, and fast charging capabilities.

  • Filed 17 patents:
  • 1 granted patent (KR)
  • 6 applied patents (US/PCT)
  • 10 applied patents (KR)
CAMI Labs20223nonenoneYunsoo JohCEOPet Technology Service & Contents

The company introduces a platform dedicated to pets and their owners, offering a range of standardized online psychological tests. These assessments address pet personality traits, aggression, stress levels, as well as the caregiving dynamics of owners. Future plans include a platform for recommending optimal parenting and training methods.

  • MAU 15K : compared to the beginning of this year
  • the growth rate is 200%
  • Registered 1 patent, Applied 1 patent (KR)
CarCare20233nonenoneYungmoo SongCEOUsed car pre purchase inspectionThe used car market ranks among the top three markets for lemons in North America. Mexpert's goal is to address the information imbalance between buyers and sellers/dealers. Moreover, it  launched this service in order to simplify complex used car purhase providing associated services.
  • We currently accumulated 19 partner mechanics
  • Conducted 13 inspection services during 3 weeks for customer validation.
kfoodtech.inc20204nonenonekim yongCEOkitchen automation / food robot

A pioneer in kitchen automation solutions and food tech, kfoodtech.inc boasts operational expertise garnered from running an automated restaurant in Korea. With a portfolio of patents and operational know-how, the company now envisions expansion into the United States.

  • launched 1st directly mangaed robotic restaurant
  • listed 1patent / published 2 patent 3. 200,000 USD revenue per year
Factagora20215nonenoneRandy BaekCEOAI governanceFactagora is a factual knowledge base for AI governance. It is focusing on fact check technology to fix the AI hallucination problems.
  • 1 paid user. Providing AI governance service to Shin and Kim. (Korean Law firm)
FlareLane, Inc.20224250,000Primer Sazze PartnersMonica LeeVP of Sales & OperationsB2B Martech SaaS

The company introduces an AI-powered interactive push notification platform that streamlines marketers' efforts, enhancing user retention and elevating the end-user experience.

  • 2,000 signed up users
  • 30 paid customers
  • ARR $80K (increased 8 folds compared to 2022 H2)
  • Acquired renowned Korean enterprises as paid customers (LG, Hyundai)
WONDERVARI20198nonenoneSuyeon KimCEOAI, SaaSUse your completed object in various services. Demonstrate your product on web browsers to exhibit its distinctive characteristics or effortlessly incorporate it into prevalent development engines such as Blender, 3D Max, Maya, Unity or Unreal thereby transforming your design into a multipurpose module for diverse undertakings.By using the Hummit platform, you can easily manage and share your data, providing convenient collaboration and access to your valuable assets.- AI Content PM / Naver Connect Foundation Feb 2019 ~ Jan 2020
- Research Student / National Forensic Service Oct 2016 ~ Dec 2016
- B.S. Graduate Certificate
- Department of Forensic Science
- Yonsei University, College of Health Science