AgriTech startup N.Thing to expand to the Middle East  

N.Thing’s ‘Planty Cube’ is being transported to port of Busan to be shipped to Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates.

Korean AgriTech startup ‘N.Thing’ is all set to grow vegetables in the desert’s barren lands of the Middle East. The agricultural innovation startup recently announced its plans to start producing locally grown fresh vegetables for communities in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates.

The growing market for vertical farming technology

In March, n.thing signed a business agreement with a Korean conglomerate to develop a vertical farming business in the Middle East. Right after the agreement, n.thing immediately started the first step by exporting its own vertical farm ‘Planty Cube’.

Planty Cube is a modular vertical farm with technology to cultivate high-quality vegetables in a barren desert environment. Planty Cube in the Middle East will cultivate romaine lettuce, and more variety of crops will be added depending on the profitability based on the market data in Abu Dhabi. They will be distributed to local food markets through an operating partner.

The Middle East has been struggling with growing vegetables due to the harsh desert climate. So, the government is trying to invest in the vertical farming business as an alternative technology for food self-sufficiency. As a result, many major vertical farm companies have entered the market.

“Those who influence the Middle East vertical farm market will soon lead the industry on a global scale. It’s proof that n.thing’s technology is globally competitive as we are participating in this market as a startup. We will move quickly and boldly to make a milestone in the industry,” said Han Seung-soo, CSO of n.thing.

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February 14,2020

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