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Sun, March 03, 2024

Chloe kim

Chloe kim

Chloe Kim is a dynamic writer with a diverse range of interests. Chloe brings a unique perspective to her writing, covering a wide array of topics including K Pop, KContent, K-entertainment, K beauty startups, and technological innovation. Chloe delves into the latest news, trends, and behind-the-scenes stories, providing readers with an engaging and captivating experience. Additionally, Chloe's fascination with technological innovation allows her to uncover how startups are integrating cutting-edge advancements to enhance user experiences and revolutionize various industries.

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South Korean corporate giant Hyundai Motor Group…
by KoreaTechDesk Writer . 19 Feb 2024

K Visa, a comprehensive visa platform for foreigners led by CEO Lee Sang-wook got a successful investment from Strong Ventures…
by Richard Park . 22 Feb 2024

Modapl, a mobility business solution company, recently attracted seed investment of 4.3 billion won ($3.2 million). Despite being a young…
by KoreaTechDesk Writer . 23 Feb 2024

Hwaseong City, a burgeoning hub of innovation and industry in South Korea, stands at the cusp of transformation. With 27,000…
by Jinju Jeon . 28 Feb 2024

InHandPlus Inc., a pioneering medtech startup founded in 2019, has emerged as a frontrunner in the realm of healthcare innovation.…
by Dae-jung Park . 26 Feb 2024