K-Digital Content Online Live-Streaming IR Event Opens for Registration

KOCCA (Korean Government Agency – Korea Creative Content Agency) is coming up with a brilliant live-streaming event for start-ups in the country – the K-Digital Content IR Event. The objective of the program is to give platform to Korean start-ups to raise funds from the US, especially California area. The live-streaming will be attended in the USA side by potential Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, companies looking for IP partnership deals and distribution channels.

KOCCA, the host of this digital event, is the South Korean government’s leading agency in charge of supporting and advancing the cause of Korean creative content within South Korea and abroad. The K-Digital Content Showcase will be conducted via a video conferencing system, allowing investors and venture capitalists from all over the world the exciting opportunity to participate in and get involved with some promising companies.

Total of 35 start-ups have been invited for the event, which include those working in Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality space, Music, Education, Animation, Webtoons, etc.

The companies which are confirmed to participate in the event are:

  • Xrisp Co. Ltd – This start-up, which was started in 2012, has made great progress in the field of animation content through its fantastic properties like the famous ‘Rollercoaster boy Nori’, ‘Bookworm Gogo’ and ‘Panda Wang’. The company is also involved in multiple-areas besides animation content production like the worldwide distribution, character licensing business and production of smart toys. The company is now developing theme park and kids’ café business based on their IP for families to enjoy.
  • Eastend Co. Ltd – This is an e-commerce publisher, which incubates and empowers small sized fashion e-commerce brands to become globally recognised brands. East End was launched in 2016 by a bunch of professionals from the fashion industry. East End has created business platform for new brands and overseas brand imports as well.
  • Cookie Langs– This start-up has launched the first virtual language learning service that allows its user to have video conversations with native speakers. Though the English language version is only available for people in Korea, the final product will include Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese as well. Patented in 8 countries the company promises its user unique learning experience with entertainment quotient, where they can talk with their favourite Hollywood, Chinese and Korean stars or animated characters. The company has over 5000 movies rights to use for their app.
  • TwoEyesTech – This start-up has come up with what is one of the world’s most compact 360-degree Virtual Reality Camera, which truly mirrors the human eyesight. The small size camera has a 4k resolution and has two pairs of 180° lenses that are placed at 65mm distance, which is the same average distance as between human eyes. This type of design has been developed so that user can capture 360-degree view exactly same as the natural eye sight. The company’s vision is to sell their products in various markets – China, Japan, Europe and the USA.
  • CULTURIT – The company has been created to popularize fusion contents which are in line with the growth of the VR / AR market and the fourth industrial revolution. Culturit’s products  ‘Motion A-Cappella’ – Nonverbal performance that controls real-time music and video using motion sensor and ‘Motion Shadow Fit’ –  Posture correction and exercise treatment platform, utilize motion capture technology and wearable equipment.
  • NeoTany Media Inc – It is a company producing animation series. The most popular of it is the global production of ‘Petit Dragoon’s Adventure’, which is a cartoon-inspired slapstick series by ” Beepbeep & Coyote” for the character’s type & behaviours.
  • MazM  – It is an interactive literature story content, which is brought in as a mobile game. The MazM series is a world of stories, whose inspirations are famous literary works as well, provides its players intricate and unique gaming experience.
  • TenMinuteTalk Co.,Ltd – This is a language platform app, where learning of foreign language becomes easier through mobile or web chats.
  • Cgpixel studio – The animation specialising company produces Kong Kong Land, which is world’s first brand combining shoe characters with animation and products. It is a unique concept which can be educating and entertaining for kids.
  • 4THEVISION –  This is a specialized Media Tech company with excellent expertise and development skills in the production of various solutions and contents needed for the Meta Immersive Media (MIM) industry including VR, AR and New Media. Their product Virtual Reality Karaoke ‘W.A.V’ is a new service platform where it creates a VR where you sing any song at the place you want, and with a singer of the song without any accompaniment devices.
  • StudioTNT Co., Ltd. – TV series animation about Heroic adventures with supernatural powers Studio TNT is an animation planning & production company. They create TV series animation about Heroic adventures with supernatural powers.
  • PALPITO.INC – This company has designed an app to encourage people for fitness activities. The game uses heart rate sensor and if you exercise in line with your heart rate, you score points.  You can compete with others on the app as well.
  • MARVRUS – Marvus has developed a VR tool which helps students learn English. The students can wear the VR headsets attached with smartphones and get transformed to different parts of the world. They can interact with native English speakers through the VR tool. Learning English through virtual reality has given many local students a unique experience.
  • NooWaa Contents Group Inc. – This digital content company has developed a “Collective intelligence Story Creating Platform” for anyone, who wants to write stories.
  • Allumr Inc. – The company has launched STYLEPILL, which is a beauty and fashion e-commerce curation platform endorsed by some of the global style ambassadors. Users can buy and sell fashion and beauty stuff through the platform.
  • Threeo1 – It is a baking and dessert recipe platform, which offers variety of services like recipes, ingredients, guide videos, packing stuff, etc.
  • ETOPIK Co., Ltd – This is an online Korean learning service for foreigners. It provides best solutions for TOPIK and EPS-TOPIK exam with direct calls to certified Korean tutors
  • Gwabba Ltd – The company combines the popularity of the E-sports and the profitability of the fantasy sports market through their platform Master.GG. It  provides daily fantasy contests where user gets to pick  the players for for their fantasy team.
  • N.thing – N.thing gives people a convenient technology to take care of their houseplants. They have developed Planty, a Wi-Fi connected plant pot, that connects with its caretaker via a smartphone, Planty Cube – a vertical container smart farm, and Platy Sqaure. 
  • PPANAM Co. Ltd –  PPANAM has an e-commerce platform offering variety of beauty products  with its originality embedded in  the Korean culture, at a decent price.
  • STAYGE Labs – It has launched a vertical blockchain platform designed specially based on the entertainment industry. It works as a fan community platform awarding fans as they support their beloved artists.
  • Bitglim Co. Ltd. –   The start-up works to promote artwork and creates on-demand O2O exhibition platform that matches venue and the artist.
  • Rhoonart – It is a music platform that connects songwriters with clients, who need music composition with no commission.
  • Vrunch –  The company works to provide effective management solution of VR Themepark and VR Cinema.
  • VRexLAB Co. Ltd. –  This is a blockchain platform for Digital Content Assets & Creators.
  • Made in Lab – Made in Lab is a platform enabler based on SW / HW convergence and AI technology that creates a differentiated service in smart home, silver care and education through the development of AI device and content that interact with users.
  • Trycatch Media, Inc. – It has Trycoding, which  is a video game for learning.

Registration and Timing for the Live-Streaming Event 

The Live Streaming Online IR will happen on October 22nd from 3pm to 6pm (LA Time), 6pm EST to 9pm EST which is 7 am to 10 am (Korea time) on October 23rd . Each company will get 4-minute time to pitch in for their funding or other needs. There are no fees to participate in the event. The registration for the event can be done through the link https://goo.gl/forms/gCauVn7WBN301YiA2. KOCCA will send a confirmation email post registration which will have the invite link for the Live streaming.

All global investors looking to invest or partner with some very interesting and promising Korean start-ups should definitely attend the event.

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