KISED to support Korean startups at the largest tech event ‘Web Summit’ in Lisbon

KISED is supporting Korean startups at the Web Summit - 2019 in Lisbon.

It is time for the annual global tech industry to get together in Lisbon, Portugal at the annual ‘Web Summit.’  The largest tech conference will be held from November 4 to 7th and will see global tech giants network at the European shores. South Korea’s Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development (KISED) is supporting 14 Korean startups that will be presenting their pitches and networking at the ‘Web Summit 2019’. The startups will be having booths and pitching sessions at the event.

‘Web Summit’ is an annual technology conference that is considered and the largest tech event in the world. It is held in Lisbon, Portugal since 2016. Started in 2009, the Web Summit was originally held in Dublin, Ireland. The conference’s topics center on IT, Emerging Technologies, and Investments. The conference is attended by prestigious companies like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Accenture, IBM, Samsung etc and leading investors lie SoftBank, Sequoia, Goldman Sachs, etc.  Prominent speakers at the summit have been mainly a mix of top –CEOs, investors, celebrities and politicians like Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Al Gore, etc. 

KISED is a Korean business incubator foundation that was launched in 2000. It is now an autonomous public institute supporting entrepreneurship and startups in South Korea. The institute provides various help to entrepreneurs through means of mentoring, networking and events.  

The Korean startups that are attending the ‘Web Summit 2019’ in Lisbon are as follows: 

1)   ROSIGN Co., Ltd.: Road Design – ROSIGN constructs smart road using Chameleon Road-CHAMELROAD. The Rosign technology prevents slippery road accidents and decreases earth temperature. The startup utilizes the temperature visualization technology and radiant heat blocking technologies to solve problems to existing road pavements.

2)   Perfitt, Inc.: Perfitt renovates the dynamics of footwear shopping for everyone. Perfitt enables a zero-size return on e-commerce by providing a personalized perfect fit recommendation AI engine.

3) Bitsensing Inc.: The startup has expertise in RADAR technology, that delivers various solutions in the areas of health, automotive and traffic etc. The technology helps build safe road infrastructure through RADAR technology in the era of autonomous vehicles.  

4)  Philophos, Inc.: A startup founded in March 2018 to manufacture cutting-edge optical diagnostic devices. The company consists of experts in optical technologies and hardware design. They are establishing the basis for manufacturing medical devices, starting from their first target application, retina imaging instrument, etc.

5)  PIXEL Display Inc.: The startup company has developed AI based eye screening software solution which can be done by taking two simple photos with a smartphone. Pixel Display has developed KIZOPTER which provides easier, faster and accurate eye test for children from 6 months and adults. 

6)   GDFLab Co.,Ltd.: The startup’s “” is a real-time video image upscaling Open API platform that uses AI Super Resolution technology to provide high-resolution, high-quality images all the time. When used with the “GDF Play” app in development, it provides a video streaming echo system that dramatically reduces network and storage costs. Video streaming platform operators benefit not only from cost savings, but also provide a consistent HD video viewing experience for GDFplay users without buffering.

7)  DNX Co.,Ltd.: The company has created a proactive & affordable system using Human Body Communication technology providing real-time monitoring, voice caring, predicting accidents, etc for elderly people and caregivers.

8)  Brandnew Tech: The platform provides self-employed and small business owners, logo designs and printing material designs by using AI technology. The customers can customize ready-made design templates for their own businesses much easier and faster.

9)   Mojitok: It is a mobile sticker solution that helps messengers to increase user engagement and get monetized. Users can simply spice up chats by adding Mojitok sticker. Over 100 million stickers are reaching to the users via Mojitok every month.

10) BluePrintLAB:  The startup specializes in 3D rendering, 3D facial scanning, and AI algorithms to develop solutions that fit. It has developed a cloud-based 3D rendering solution that allows custom products to be easily developed online through a web browser and 3D printed.

11) Stryx Inc: It is a full-stack HD Map platform company. They democratize HD Mapping device and server, by making it affordable. The company serves the interests of autonomous car companies.

12) Analogue plus Co.,Ltd: The company has developed a safe and convenient communication helmet with a lightweight, innovative design. The helmet’s built-in circuit technology, can safely detect surroundings and use smartphone conveniently.

13) QSTAG Inc: The startup is developing a smart point-of-care medical device based on immunology electrochemical biosensor for the self-health monitoring platform.

14)  Dtonic Corporation: Dtonic’s “Geo-Hiker” is an innovative Spatio-temporal big data engineering platform, which enables cost-effective, high-speed, and easy big data aggregation, storing processing, and analysis of large big data sets across computer clusters for various Industry 4.0 domains.

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February 14,2020

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