Korean automatic control system leader Tongyang BMS Ltd. wants to expand services to other nations 

Tongyang BMS' automatic control system products.

Tongyang BMS Ltd. is a leader in developing automatic control systems for large premises in South Korea. The company started in 1999 specializes in automatic control technology and is the official partner of Schneider Electric Korea.

Developing advanced building automatic control system using IoT & AI

Tongyang BMS’ automation systems have been developed and maintained by professional technicians with over 5 years. The company has its own research institute staff to develop the air conditioning/power monitoring/lighting control/environmental monitoring IoT system. The strong foundation base of Tongyang Information Technology and proficient staff meant that the global leader in advanced automatic control systems Schneider Electric Co., Ltd, partnered with Tongyang BMS in Korea.

The company’s main product line includes facility automatic control system, power monitoring system and lighting control system. Tongyang’s automation system is simple to install and easy to use and it is convenient for users through total control solution.  

Tongyang BMS has a lot of technical know-how and original technology through constructing automatic control equipment of many construction companies in Korea. The company has a foothold as a leader in the automatic control equipment industry by receiving a number of patents and certifications including Demux, Building Energy, Object Control System, Venture Company, and Inno Biz. The company now wants to explore its chances in countries like Indonesia. The company is looking forward to meeting prominent persons and companies in the construction business to discover the potential of automation system installation in Indonesia. Hence, Tongyang BMS team will be visiting Jakarta, Indonesia in October 2019, as part of a Korean startup forum.

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February 14,2020

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