Korean startup Allganize uses AI to help users find answers easily and intelligently

Allganize's AI Answer Bot, understands complex natural language input with minimal data preparation.

Customers have millions of questions regarding a product or service and while the answers may be available in the FAQ section, or elsewhere on the website, they rarely want to go through the trouble and expect quick answers. Korean startup Allganize has addressed this issue by introducing AI-backed NLU (Natural Language Understanding) technology for business enterprises.

Founded in 2017 by Changsu Lee, Allganize, Inc. is based in Seoul and opened another office in Tokyo, Japan in January this year. It received a seed investment of $1.6 million in 2018. 

Automation solutions for quick and easy results

Allganize’s AI searches from hundreds of documents and turns them into knowledge-based answers. It helps businesses automate answers to complicated questions with minimized prep time, exceptional accuracy and operational excellence. The company has grown over 100% QoQ and is working with global customers in the US, Japan and South Korea, from startups to large enterprises. 

The NLU API Solution offers Machine Reading Comprehension (MRC, QA Assistant) where customers can ask questions and MRC API finds the answer at the sentence level in the document. For service representatives, it automatically finds the answer to the customer’s questions from the text knowledge base. This is especially handy for heavy industries such as pharmaceuticals that need to perform validation against the written legal specifications. Allganize’s API can automate the validation. 

Many solutions in the market rely on heavy data tagging which is a massive manual exercise. Natural Language Understanding (NLU) AI answers questions from customers and employees with no data tagging work. 

The ‘Sentiment’ API  can automatically classify a customer support log to ‘Satisfied’ and ‘Unsatisfied’ to gain customer support insights. 

Allganize’s intelligent products

The Alli or AI Answer Bot, understand complex natural language input with minimal data preparation and training. It offers customer support automation, employee assistant, B2B partner communication. There is a FAQ auto responder that minimizes training time by using pre-existing FAQ. There is also an intuitive GUI chatflow builder and multi-modal function that supports integration with LINE, SLACK, MS Teams, Facebook Messenger, etc. 

Alli Integration Steps is optimized to your business context and integration only takes a few minutes. Businesses can start with the existing FAQ data and custom train their model. Alli can also be integrated with internal systems to process personalized conversational transactions. It also helps integrate SDK to the website or mobile app. Its Administrative Inquiry Responder ensures IT support at all times.

In a test case with a business using Alli, it was found that employee inquiries decreased by 50% within 6 months which greatly reduced the time and manpower of the company spent on answering queries.

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February 14,2020

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