Korean startup ArirangION’s multi-ionizer technology provides clean water

ArirangION's products are easy to install and provides clean water.

Korean company ArirangION Co. Ltd. is working towards providing solutions for clean water. The startup’s patented technology works wherever sterilization, washing, and deodorization are required. ArirangION’s Multi-Ionizer is a water ionizer and a cleaning, sanitizing and agricultural device.

Eco-Friendly technology that can be used for homes & farms

ArirangION is the manufacturer of Multi-Ionizer that transforms city tap water into ionized water. This new invention protects families and the environment by greatly reducing the use of chemicals in cleaning and agriculture.    It is an eco-friendly technology that dramatically reduces the use of a sterilizer, detergent, and freshener.

Founded in April 2009, the Multi-ionizer, uses a strong ionization phenomenon caused by repeated oxidation and reduction with a small amount of oxonium and hydroxyl groups. ArirangION’s Ionizer acts by the method of a magnetic field, temperature and water pressure without electrolysis. As the water molecules pass through the magnetic field energy through the ionizer in the shower or tap, the molecular structure of water decreases, which generates high energy, resulting in excellent cleaning power and sterilizing germs 99.998%.

The multi-ionizer product can be installed in 30 seconds and there is no need to replace the filter. The product can be utilised in homes in the bathroom, kitchen, washing, etc., and even for agriculture and horticultural usage.

Approved by nodal agencies in Korea & the US

In 2010, the company passed the test scores of the Korea Water Resources Corporation and the Seoul Institute of Health and Environment, including the bronze prize of the Korea Invention Patent Competition. In addition, it has been registered as a first-class medical device by the US FDA and the NAMSA test institute and passed the US EMSL test institute sterilization test. This product is being sold in the USA, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, New Zealand and Vietnam.

ArirangION has been steadily researching and developing products that consider nature and the environment and reinforce the function of water under the motto of ‘excellent eco-friendly company’.  The company is looking to expand to more countries. ArirangION will be visiting Jakarta, Indonesia in October 2019, as part of a Korean startup forum to present its service to potential partners and investors.

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February 14,2020

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