Korean startup Infosonic’s app uses sonic code to transmit data at supersonic speed

Infosonic uses inaudible sound waves named Sonic Code for various payment options.

Imagine if data could be transmitted simply through sound! IT technology startup Infosonic has launched a near-field communication technology app which uses inaudible sound to transmit data across devices. Using ‘sonic code’, an intermediate technology which has been around for some time and used for several purposes, Infosonic technology uses a speaker and microphone, two commonly used devices by almost everyone. The transmitted encrypted sound patterned data requires no additional hardware and is supported in all smartphones with only a software update. This is expected to bring down the problem of high infrastructure cost of the mobile payment market.

Simple to operate, multiple benefits

The Infosonic app offers the same online and offline user experience, making payments/transactions more convenient. With about 281 trillion ‘sonic codes’, Infosonic can provide a unique code band for each customer. The biggest advantage is that Infosonic is safe as each code is encrypted and tokenized. It has a recognition rate of 0.04 seconds and error detecting rate of 99.99%, making it fast, secure and stable. The product is based on a fixed-price model based on the maximum number of codes purchased. The sonic pop utility allows the code to be recognized even when the screen is locked. The app is adaptable as it works cross-device, cross-platform and cross-operating system. It is also customizable where the user can build their own service.  The technology can be used for the peer-to-peer transfer, online payments or to make in-store payments. 

The competitive edge

In the current scenario, Infosonic has an edge over competitors both in response and accuracy. It has the fastest sonic recognition and highest accuracy leaving behind the competitors far behind. With a dedicated band for each customer, there is no possibility of codes overlapping and being misunderstood by other services. All service servers are controlled by the customer, avoiding the need to monitor the performance by the code provider. The company has partnered with market leaders such as Sony, Standard Chartered, Seven Bank, etc., and is all set to make huge leaps in the field.

Infosonic’s team will be attending the GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK to be held from October 6 to 10 in Dubai, supported by the Korea Institute of Startups & Entrepreneurship Development (KISED). The GITEX is the biggest tech show in Middle East, North Africa and South Asia that attracts many prominent leaders from global companies, major media outlets, and influential investors.

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February 14,2020

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