Korean Startup P&E Studio’s creation ‘Eggroy’ gets 1 million views in 2 weeks 

Eggroy is Korea's animation export to the world.

Eggroy and his friends, Joey, Mimi, and Cha Cha, the adorable animation character from Korean entertainment company P&E Studio, has got global attention with its episode video views reaching more than a million on average in a two-week time period.  The Eggroy channel will be hosting 130 episodes by February 2020.

13 years to create ‘Eggroy’

Korean Startup P&E Studio P&E Studio had started the company as Egg Pictures Studio in 2004. By 2017, the company started exporting animations and doing character business with theme parks, toys, and stuffed toy business. It took the Studio 13 years to build ‘Eggroy’ without any outside investment. Now It is one of the most famous animation exports from Korea.

The creation of Eggroy is basically a character that lives on an island of Egg with his friends, Joey, Mimi, and Cha Cha. One day, Khan, a cook specializing in eggs, suddenly appears, threatening the peaceful and quiet island. The storyline is all about whether the cute, small figures like Eggroy and his friends are able to stop the tyranny of Khan.

Global Animation Export from Korea

Even though the animation is only 60 percent complete, it has lined up numerous export contracts. The animation Eggroy is exported to 8 countries, including the United States, China, Czech, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam and India, with the company discussing details with three other countries (Macao, Brazil, Thailand).

In China, where the current political climate discourages any contract signing under the current company’s Korean, P&E Studio is one of the few companies that has successfully overcome the obstacle. 

P&E Studio’s CEO, Il Joung, is an eminent content producer in Korea, with acclamations including being a member of the Presidential Economic Mission (2 times) and a guest to the Blue House events.

Besides animation, the company has also built a kid’s café with one of the construction giants in Korea, Daewoo E&C. The company is currently selling character goods via crowdfunding websites both in Korea and overseas, with new products available every month. CEO of P&E Studio stated that “P&E Studio is selling stuffed toys by licensing stuffed toys in Thailand. These toys are produced locally and are en route to being shipped to the global market. The goal is to enter 100 countries within the next few years. It aims to be a beloved character for the next century.”

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February 14,2020

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