Korean startup Philobiz Inc.’s Socialerus.com plans to set new standards for media commerce on YouTube

Socialus collects data in accordance with YouTube's API policies and provides services with proven statistical techniques and proprietary algorithms.

YouTube is perhaps the biggest media platform in human history. It is growing exponentially today and millions of users around the world are not only watching videos on it but using it to share their passion and also earn money through that. A huge business opportunity is armed with various ideas and technology-centered on YouTube.

Socialerus.com is a YouTube bigdata Ranking and Media Tech Platform for creators/MCN/Advertiser/Provider and first of its kind in Asia. Socialerus’ unique system works on Microsoft cloud Azure and has accumulated over a billion data since June 2017. It is Korea’s largest YouTube bigdata platform which combines AI technology. It has various innovative services such as “AD Finder” an algorithm for creators and advertisers and Media Commerce.

Growth in leaps and bounds

The big data analytics market is high in demand as it helps organizations make informed decisions by uncovering hidden patterns, market trends and customer preferences. Since 2017, Socialerus has 4300 registered channels, 982 registered creators and 20 registered corporates. Socialerus is fast and has an outstanding U.X. Web interface. 

Core competitiveness

The founders of Socialerus have over 20 years of IT & global experiences, having developed and operated various platforms. The company has applied for a patent in 2017 and is preparing 3 more patents. The Seoul-based tech startup was founded in 2014 and has already raised $360,000 with solid backing from investors such as Angel Clubs. It plans to expand beyond Asia and explore markets in South America and North Europe. 

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February 14,2020

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