Korean startup Plcoskin developing next–generation regenerative skincare products

Plcoskin has range of cosmetic products under brand name YOULIEF.

Korean startup Plcoskin is actively pursuing its goal to become a market leader in the area of regenerative skincare. Plcoskin, a medical-based biotech company, was born on the basis of a 150-year-old laboratory at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine and Yonsei University College of Medicine.

Cosmetic products made with natural ingredients

The startup that was founded in 2017 already has a cosmetics brand, YOULIEF, that currently produces and sells 7 skincare products through 25 channels online and offline and is expanding. YOULIEF products use ingredients extracted from flowers like Lotus Japonicus and Hibiscus. YOULIEF’s basic product line has been developed in cooperation with members of John Hopkins School of Medicine and Maryland Institute College of Arts.  Plcoskin is aiming to put YOULIEF as a pioneer in the anti-aging industry. Plcoskin’s partners for the product line include Watsons Taiwan, CHICOR, SSG Duty Free, Hottracks, Pandora, Lotte Mall and CJ Mall.

Working towards the betterment of human life

The startup is doing research and development on regenerative skin, fillers, breast prosthesis for the next generation. Plcoskin is sharing research results with Yonsei Department of Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Dorafshar, Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University, is the leading advisor for the research work of Plcoskin. Plcoskin has been conducting active research and exchanging consultations with its partners John Hopkins University School of Medicine, Yonsei University and Lifesprout Inc. Plcoskin is doing their bit for social development by allocating a portion of YOULIEF’s profits for R&D of medical devices for treatment of burns, hernias, and missing soft tissues.

Plcoskin has investments from U-Tech Valley and K-Start up. The company is looking to utilize its investments for research and development, increase sales and expand to more Southeast Asian countries, China, Europe and the USA. The startup’s vision is to remain a leading and truthful corporation dedicated to enhancing human life through biotech and cosmetics. 

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February 14,2020

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