KISED supported Korean startups all set to participate in the largest startup-tech event – SLUSH in Helsinki, Finland

Slush is an annual event for startups and tech companies.

Slush 2019 – the annual gathering for startups and tech companies is all set to open on November 21st in Helsinki, Finland. South Korean startups are also participating at Slush, which is one of the top world events for startup networking scene. The Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development (KISED) is supporting the enterprising startup teams going to Finland. KISED, launched in 2000, is a business incubator foundation, which as an autonomous public institute supports entrepreneurship and startups in South Korea. 

Slush is a place for startup founders to meet with investors, venture capitalists, potential partners with various types of events like matchmaking, pitching competition, exhibitions, etc. Slush will be held at Helsinki Expo and Convention Center on November 21 & 22 and expects over 25,000 attendees that include 4,000 startups, 2,000 investors, world media from over 130 countries. Slush will see prominent speakers from companies like Sequoia Capital, Stripe, Twitch, Clearblanc, Canva, Obama Foundation, Yes VC, Innovia Capital, Masterclass, and many more.

It will be a great opportunity for Korean startups to put their product and service on world platform and interact with eminent persons in the venture capital industry. The Korean startups attending the Slush are:

1. DoBrain – The startup offers a diagnostic solution and mobile cognitive therapy for all children.

2. Enterphin – The startup has a new development engine – skiiiD that makes hardware firmware much easier than ever with unlimited customization options. With skiiiD, the user can make any hardware within a minute.

3. Analogue plus Co., Ltd – The company has developed a safe and convenient communication helmet with a lightweight, innovative design. The helmet’s built-in circuit technology, can safely detect surroundings and use smartphone conveniently.

4.  Mycomma: The startup has a messenger platform (COMMATALK) that communicates with people who speak various languages by translating 88 languages in real-time.

5. Avanssion: It is an Edu-tech company with teams based in Japan and Korea. It is targeted at non-English native speakers and developers.   

6. useB: The startup provides simple and secure KYC/AML solutions for FinTech & Cryptocurrency Exchanges.

7. inDJ co.:   inDJ is a mobile application that finds the right music to meet user’s emotion and/or situation. inDJ enables users to interact with music in real time.

8. Storicity: Storicity publishes journalist-created audio city guides for major Asian Cities. It tells stories about the city’s culture, food, politics, economy, which will enhance understanding of the city and maximize travel experience. The startup’s first guide, Storicity Seoul, is available on App Stores now.

9. DAIB Inc.: DAIB offers an innovative way to pay bills with the cheapest payment systems. Anybody can pay electricity bills and send money with stable coin and blockchain technology. The company is focusing on peer to peer E-Commerce platform development between sellers and buyers.

10. Respect Small Money: The startup has an integrated financial products search mobile platform for small money investors without sufficient financial knowledge.

11. Linecare Co., Ltd.: Linecare provides an online platform that connects doctors and patients, from disease diagnosis to follow-up care.

12. Alyce Healthcare: It is an AI-powered personal trainer solution for employee’s healthcare.

13. SOYNET Co., Ltd: It is an AI company that enables AI users to optimize their deep neural network easily and run their AI 3 times faster in 1/9 memory consumption. Normally, it takes 3 to 6 months to optimize their AI. However, with SoyNet, it just takes a week to do so, plus faster and better.

14. Philophos, Inc.: It is a 20-month-old startup company making portable optical coherence tomography (OCT) device for home-based retina monitoring and point-of-care eye diagnostics.

15. PLCOSKIN: It is a biotech company researching tissue replacement and regeneration materials. Its research is on 3D printed polycaprolactone scaffold for autologous breast reconstruction: a safer, cheaper, and faster alternative to the breast scaffold made of cadaver skin.

16. Stryx Inc: It is a full-stack HD Map platform company. They democratize HD Mapping device and server, by making it affordable. The company serves the interests of autonomous car companies.

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February 14,2020

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