Korean startups virtually present AI, AR/VR solutions at the Facebook Accelerator Seoul Demo Day 2020

Korean startups introduced their technological innovation in AR/VR, AI & Big Data field at the Facebook Accelerator Seoul Demo Day on December 2, 2020. The virtual event saw 13 startups present their products and services that included virtual fitting, untact services, FinTech, EdTech, marketing, video communication, healthcare, etc. Korean startup Looxid Labs Inc unveiled ‘LUCY’ – a cognitive care solution founded in biotechnology, at the Demo Day. 

Successful stories of innovation 

Facebook Accelerator Seoul is one of Facebook’s global initiatives of Facebook Accelerator that supports innovation and growth of technology-based (AI, AR/VR, etc.) startups based in Korea. It is for startups that can grow using Facebook’s technologies, products, and platforms, such as Facebook’s AR/VR (Augmented and Virtual Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence), and Messaging. The startups participating in the program learn through mentoring, practical training cases, and expert support over a period of 6 months or 20-weeks. 

The 13 startups that participated for the third season of Facebook Accelerator Seoul Demo Day.

The 13 Korean startups that were selected this year for the third edition of the accelerator program were: 

1.) Looxid Labs Inc.: Based on AI, the startup has developed a user analysis cloud platform ‘LUCY’ that evaluates cognitive ability by analyzing bio-signals such as the user’s gaze and brain waves collected in a VR environment.

2) Archidraw: a 3D interior design and home furnishing platform.

3) Blueprint Lab: It is a product recommendation and AR virtual fitting solution using face recognition and AI technology.

4) CNFit: ConnectFit provides “Logout,” work management & payroll calculation service for part-time workers, and connects additional services using collected work data.

5) Imperfect Co., Ltd.: It is a smart tourism platform that can solve customized place information guidance, non-face-to-face order-payment, realistic content, translation, and directions with a single smartphone, and advertising and e-commerce that can save time It is a company that develops AR SDK for use.

6) V Review: The startup is a video review solution service. It provides an environment where consumers can easily and conveniently share video reviews using AI chatbots, and e-commerce can effectively utilize them.

7) Kitten Planet: A digital dental care company that makes brushing the teeth fun with AR.

8) MicroPerfect: The startup provides an AI solution that helps customers purchase insurance independently as much as they need.

9) Pion Corporation: A leading AI video startup in MarTech (Marketing Technology). It operates a one-stop platform, ‘vispot,’ that can automatically produce short-form videos using deep learning technology and execute them as advertisements at the same time.

10) Ringle: A service that allows users to learn English properly through 1:1 video lessons with tutors from prestigious US/UK universities.

11) Smoothy: It is a global group video call service based on AR interaction and real-time texting.

12) Social Radio Company: It is a company that provides Tin Can, a mobile platform that connects MZ generations (Millennials and Z generations) around the world through their voices and stories.

13) Zezedu: It is creating high-level AI technology and services to provide personalized math learning experiences anytime, anywhere.

Korean startup Looxid Labs Inc CEO presenting ‘LUCY’.

All the 13 startups got few minutes to present their services to a virtual audience worldwide. Facebook employees introduced the startups, and then the startup founders showcased their ideas. Brian Yongwook Chae, CEO of Looxid Labs unveiled the new cognitive care solution ‘LUCY’ at the event. 

“Our mission is to build communities and bring the world together. That also includes the startup community. We want to use the power of Facebook to help the startups grow,” said Alice Wei of Facebook, while introducing the webinar. The Facebook representatives gave examples of success of past participant startups like Adriel, digital marketing AI solution, and Zamface, an e-commerce beauty platform that got increase in customer base with the Facebook Accelerator Program. The 13 startups selected for the 2020 edition are also looking forward to a successful future with global growth. 

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