Korean startups that ease challenges of childcare for millennial parents

Raising a baby is a challenging task for millennial parents as they juggle many things – work, home, social life, self-care, lifestyle needs, and child care. The millennial couples may not have the advantage of the relaxed pace of life their parents had; they do have help from technology and the benefit of dual-income households. Many Korean startups have developed tools and services that are helping new parents to raise a healthy child. There are smart products available based on IoT, AI technology, etc.

Smart Baby Bottle

Korean startup Littleone has launched a ‘Smart Bottle’ for the new mothers, who have the daunting task of feeding the baby every few hours. The Smart Bottle warms and sterilizes the milk/formula and also gives tilt and air warnings through an app. The app easily used with smartphones records feeding statistics.

It also has an alarm system with real-time monitoring, which lets the moms know when they have to feed the little one next. The bottle transfers its data to the app, which can be checked anytime.

Smart Bottle’s automatic detection will set the right mixing temperature by scanning the formula box’s bar code. Littleone also has Smart Pee Pee, a smart diaper sensor, which monitors the baby’s bowel movements so that the mom can change the diaper on time.

Meet the next level Parenting Assistant

Meet the next level Parenting Assistant, Littleone
Check out Smart Feeding Bottle by Littleone on @Kickstarter https://tinyurl.com/yc4ucybl

Posted by Littleone on Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Smart Baby Cry Monitor

Babies cry a lot as well, and for new moms handling multi-tasking with a wailing baby can be very difficult. So Deeply, has a baby monitoring solution ‘Waah’ for them that is based on sound analyses. It is a great product for infant care.

WAAH analyzes the acoustic feature of a baby’s cry and tells you reasons with 6 different categories. WAAH uses AI technology to detect baby cry, and the mom can also adjust cry detection sensitivity and noise detection sensitivity. Currently, Waah only available for Android devices. A mom can know why the baby cries – hunger, pain or boredom, etc. through the device’s smart technology and tend the baby accordingly.

Waah – the smart baby monitor by Deeply.

A one-stop-shop for premium child care brands

All parents want to have the best products for their children. Korean startup Petit Elin is a one-stop-shop for all adorable premium products for babies and parents. Petit Elin manufactures, imports, exports, and distributes baby-related products. Baby clothing, toys, furniture, accessories, sanitation products, skincare products, and much more can be found in Petit Elin’s online and offline stores.

Some of the premium brands that can be found in the Petit Elin store are Little Haven, Milo & Gabby, Moyuum, Little Fennet, Sagepole, Elephant Ears, etc. The range of products includes baby bedding, clothing, strollers, feeding accessories, breastfeeding supplies, toys, baby-friendly soaps and shampoos, car seats, baby carriers, cribs, etc.

Petit Elin offers premium childcare products.

Social Community for new parents

Raising a child needs a village, but in modern times, it is the social network that helps new parents. Korean startup Babyfriends understands the needs of the community for new parents and has developed a social community network service that connects new parents virtually and offline.

Through its app available for Android and Ios, Babyfriends provides a virtual space where new parents can join, create their community depending on their needs, interact, and exchange information. Babyfriends uses intuitive user interface (UI) and real-time communication systems for location-based offline community space for parents.

Babyfriends – the social community for new parents.

Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

While Awair is not exactly a dedicated childcare product, but it was developed when the co-founder of the Korean startup, Ronald Ru’s child, faced a health issue due to the pollution inside his house. Awair, developed by Bitfinder, is a sleek and compact air quality monitor that can detect the hazardous air inside the house and help users have a pollution-free- environment in their homes.

The device is simple to use and attractively packaged. The Awair app gives results to a score of 100, in which the higher the number, the better the air quality. Awair can also be configured with Google Assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT. So it’s not a bad investment for parents as it will not just ensure your child breaths in clean air but also make you healthier. Such a product is quite useful, especially in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, when most of us are staying indoors.

Awair’s air quality monitor’s special offer on Mother’s Day.
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