Korean startup Spigen Beauty wants to ‘glam up’ the World with K-beauty products

Korean beauty brands are trendsetters in the global beauty products market and lead in sales on all e-commerce sites with their vast array of products. Spigen Beauty, a Korean startup, selling some ravishing beauty products, has achieved the status of ‘bestseller’ on Amazon.com. The startup has established its own sales platform based on the E-commerce giant to deliver the best of K-beauty products to the Western World. Spigen Beauty also runs its Youtube channel to share some Korean beauty secrets.

GoSelly – A global beauty sales platform

Spigen Beauty was founded by Spigen Korea, which has the World’s best Amazon Sales capabilities, to challenge the US Market beauty brands with its’ highest quality K beauty products. While Spigen’s products achieved ‘best selling’ status on global e-commerce sites, it launched its own sales platform – GoSelly.

Go Selly’s platform sells premium beauty brands.

GoSelly is a top-notch Korean Sales Platform with expertise in beauty products, competence, and reaches like that of an Amazon platform and optimal level of content creation capability. GoSelly sells a variety of beauty brands, including Spigen’s Glam Up brand. Brands that sell their products on the e-commerce site are Kundal, Pink Age, Son & Park, Jumiso, CP-1, GD11, Elizavecca, Karatica, Dermal, and Veridique.

Marketing, Sales & Logistics support to brands

Spigen Beauty ensures that brands on GoSelly get the best of the world market through its expertise in sales, marketing, and logistics. Spigen’s beauty & health care experts have experience and understanding of the products, consumer needs, and market.

Spigen Beauty has a variety of online and offline marketing network that has a growth potential of being an Amazon bestseller. Spigen combines Amazon-related know-how with K-Beauty to produce the best results.

Glam Up’s product

The beauty startup helps enhance brand awareness by creating various opportunities. Spigen is working with over 2,000 well-known local influencers to create the best content at the consumer’s level. The B2B network of the company helps brands connect with various sales channels.

Spigen Beauty has all tangible and intangible logistics infrastructure for Amazon Sales, including ground, sea, aircraft, and storage. The startup offers premium logistics services with Amazon sellers by leveraging its infrastructure. Spigen’s Logistics Center is located in Bucheon, South Korea, and it has facilities in the US in California and New Jersey.

Glam Up – Beauty Specialty Brand

Glam Up is Spigen’s beauty brand product, with an exponential rise in rankings as Bestseller’s status on Amazon. Launched in 2018, it ranks among the Top-200 products of Beauty and personal care, and the Glam Up Facial Mask is amongst the Top 10 products. The Glam Up brands have sold more than one million products.

Glam Up’s Sheet Masks.

Glam Up provides various masks and patches for multiple skin types and problems. The products are made from natural ingredients.

Glam Up continues to grow as a leading Cosmeceutical brand that captures both cost-effectiveness and high-efficiency. The Glam Up products are trendy among the young consumers for its luxurious design and maximum effect at a reasonable price.

Glowish Channel – Online beauty shares

Glowish Channel is Spigen’s presence on YouTube that shares many Beauty and skincare experiences through influencers and brands. Glowish Channel connects the brands directly with the end-users showcasing the online experience of products. The K-beauty channel is a tool for the beauty community to share information about the beauty products they want quickly.

About Spigen Beauty

Spigen Beauty Inc. was established in 2018 to deliver K-beauty and Asian Beauty to the Western World with a range of carefully selected beauty and lifestyle products. It is part of Spigen Korea, that is moving the global market with innovative online sales practices, featuring products focused on users, such as mobile accessories, small appliances, household goods, etc.

Spigen Beauty Inc. made a revenue of about USD 1.8 million in 2019 through its various ventures. The startup is headed by CEO Jin Ho Seo, a Business Development Specialist with 15 years of business and strategic planning experience in Internet portals and content companies. The startup wants to become a leading global beauty brand sales platform and sustain its “best seller” status for its products.

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