XELF: The HTML5 Content Authoring Platform by Korean startup Globis Infotech ideal for co-working online

XELF will make content creation & management easier, quicker.

Quick and easy content creation and sharing work, co-working tools are an important part of the professional world now. Korean startup Globis Infotech has created a content authoring XELF, based on HTML5, making it easy to create content with no installations and share it on multiple platforms. It is an ideal tool for co-working online.

The content-sharing platform XELF is in the Beta Service and helps users avoid all the tedious process of downloading programs and then creating offline content to share again online.  The content platform uses HTML5, which unlike Adobe Flash requires no extra plug-ins or downloads. XELF operates on any web browser and it is simple to create and share content using drag and drop commands.

XELF makes sharing also easy as the users can share templates through a web-based gallery. It is also multi-platform compatible, so with no installations, the content can be viewed on mobiles, computers or smart TV. XELF also includes cloud service for the content. It is easy to make a variety of content like simple Notes, Reports, Card News, Catalogue and Picture Books, and share them with just one click. The user can make dynamic pages with an Action function. It provides from object-moving animations to 2-way interactions. Also, the user can add sound effects and background music to make high-quality content.

 Detailed functioning of XELF

 1)  Object placement: The user can place a variety of objects 1–text, line, image, shape or media on the canvas as a layer.

2)  Edit Object: The user can create, edit by simply drag & drop method. Also, the size and rotation value can be adjusted.

3)  Image Library: The user can upload images and enter information to search for images from the online gallery.  

4)  Media Library: Media objects can be inserted on to the page. Users can upload media or search for suitable media from the gallery.

5)  Edit Property: The position, size, colour, border, opacity can be adjusted using the platform’s property panel.

6)  Actin Apply: Animation can be applied using the Action panel making objects more expressive.

7)  Smart Guide: The platform aligns and sets the grid of objects automatically.

8)  Export Files: Created content can be previewed or printed via export, downloadable as PDF or MP4 Format.

9)  Cloud management: The content created using XELF is managed in a cloud environment that can be easily shared and reused.

XELF is in beta service and during the beta service, all members will be operated as free members, and membership levels are available depending on the timing of registration and promotion. The company is offering Beta Membership is a membership class designed to provide special benefits for members who registered by May 31, 2018. Beta members retain their membership level for one year from joining and Promotion Member for 3 months to those who have been issued a coupon number through events, exhibitions, and promotions at XELF. There is 500 megabytes storage on offer for members, which is reduced post the beta membership is over, however, the projects worked on remain intact. The startup will be offering a paid member product in the future, with added storage space and some advanced functions. Since its beta launch in 2018, the platform has been upgraded with many new features like introducing English fonts, Korean fonts, enhanced image library, etc. 

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February 14,2020

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