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Wed, July 17, 2024

Daehyun Song

Daehyun Song

Daehyun Song is an experienced technology journalist specializing in the Korean startup ecosystem and emerging tech trends. With a passion for covering innovative companies and their impact on the industry, Dae-Hyun has been actively involved in reporting on the latest developments in the tech startup space. He is committed to specialize in unicorn startup trends and enhance reader knowledge about venture fundings.

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Korean startup Poen, which specializes in the…
by Daehyun Song . 9 Jul 2024

Iskander Haouam,  a seasoned expert with over 15 years of experience in investment and entrepreneurship, brings a wealth of knowledge…
by Dae-jung Park . 15 Jul 2024

Marketboro, a Korean foodtech startup at the forefront of innovating the food distribution market, has appointed Samsung Securities as the…
by Chloe kim . 9 Jul 2024

Korean startup Beeble AI, renowned for its innovative approach to leveling the playing field in Visual Effects (VFX) for filmmakers,…
by Richard Park . 11 Jul 2024

Korea Startup Forum(KSF), the organizer of the global startup festival COMEUP, has announced an unprecedented response to its annual COMEUP…
by KoreaTechDesk Writer . 8 Jul 2024