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Sun, December 03, 2023



Dae-Hyun Song is an experienced technology journalist specializing in the Korean startup ecosystem and emerging tech trends. With a passion for covering innovative companies and their impact on the industry, Dae-Hyun has been actively involved in reporting on the latest developments in the tech startup space. He is committed to specialize in unicorn startup trends and enhance reader knowledge about venture fundings.

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Korean startups are exploring global expansion, with…
by Richard Park . 9 Sep 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of global entrepreneurship, a remarkable event is on the horizon that promises to showcase the ingenuity…
by KoreaTechDesk Writer . 5 Sep 2023

Korean webtoon creator platform Toonsquare announced the global release of “Tooning Magic AI,” utilizing the “Stable Diffusion” technique. “Stable Diffusion”…
by chloe kim . 1 Jun 2023

In a significant development as per media reports, all members of Disney Korea’s OTT content team in South Korea responsible…
by KoreaTechDesk Writer . 20 Jun 2023

South Korea is an emerging land for startups, and its “Silicon Valley” is the sprawling, state-of-the-art campus of Pangyo Techno…
by Aditi Dave . 7 Apr 2023