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TwoEyes Tech's amazing binocular camera allows user to capture 360 degree realistic image. Photo:TwoEyes Tech

Virtual Reality content has been increasing in demand with various games and video platforms utilising it. This has created a market for cameras that can capture a 360-degree image for VR content.

A South Korean start-up TwoEyes Tech has come up with what is one of the world’s most compact 360-degree Virtual Reality Camera, which truly mirrors the human eyesight. The small size camera has a 4k resolution and  has two pairs of 180° lenses that are placed at 65mm distance, which is the same average distance as between human eyes. This type of design has been developed so that user can capture 360-degree view exactly same as the natural eye sight.

A Camera with a difference 

The product, called VUO by the company, has been developed so that common people can use it effortlessly considering its portability and current price of $249. VUO has been made with the intention so that the user can make 360-degree stereoscopic images easily, optimised for mobile phones. The camera’s internal power supply of 1600mAh, supports almost one hour of shooting time. The binocular camera is connected to an external battery and continuous shooting is possible with the internal storage capacity of 64GB. The 4K processor of VUO is used for the image, and the four lenses that can shoot 180 degrees have the brightness of F2.0. The image sensor adopts ‘CMOS 1 / 2.3’. It supports images shot at 3840X 3840 4K resolution (30fps) and shoots images at 8000X 8000 pixels. Also being compact in size, it can be carried easily.

The camera supports Wi-Fi & so it is possible to check & store

images on user’s smartphone using a dedicated application.

It also includes a function to shoot in either monocular mode or binocular mode. While most of the cameras in the market, which capture 360-degree VR images, have two lenses, the four lenses design of VUO makes it easy to capture the images same as the real space. The VR images captured through this camera can be viewed through 360 degree social platforms like Youtube 360, Facebook 360, Twitter 360, etc Virtual binoculars or a 3D television.

TwoEyes Tech’s vision is to sell their product in various markets like Japan and China and Europe and the USA. Their estimate is to at least sell 50,000 units per year from 2022. VUO has received the Innovation Award in VR&AR Category at CES 2018, where its product was selected as one of the world’s top 10 products in VR & AR for 2018. TwoEyes Tech, which identifies as a developer of hardware and software, wants that everyone can easily produce realistic content with their technology. The company wants to enrich customer’s life through continuous innovation. Sure the compact size camera, which is on sale on Indiego-go website, is a worthy gadget to own and explore the amazing world of 360-degree VR imaging.

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February 14,2020

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