Riiid focuses on bringing creative disruption to education market through AI technology. We offer personalized test prep service such as Santa TOEIC, our first AI-based product. Our machine learning algorithm can estimate a user’s test score with 10 or less evaluation questions, predict if the user will get a certain question right and even what answer would be chosen with more than 90% accuracy. The technology also calculates and constructs for each user the optimum learning path for fastest score improvement. We’ve recorded a ” 20h study, 107.5 score raise” with our TOEIC product Santa TOEIC. Since Riiid’s AI engine relies solely on question-solving data, no manual analysis or tagging is required and expansion into new fields can be done instantly. We’re looking to enter SAT, TOEFL, GRE and other major test prep areas with our patented technologies in the coming years.

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