“THE.WAVE.TALK developed a new laser sensor technology based on ‘Time-Reversal Mirror’ phenomenon with Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). We aim to detect, quantify and identify particles larger than tens of nanometers in bulk volumes of liquid, gas and solid. Quantification and identification of micro-organisms (bacteria) in liquid medium can be achieved in several seconds without or with a minimum pre-treatment process. Moreover, the detection of impure particles in flowing liquid medium is also possible for the application of production lines. The potential applications include manufacturing factories for semi-conductor, Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD), bottled water or liquid base pharmaceuticals. THE.WAVE.TALK technology provides cost-effective, rapid (several seconds) and sensitive (low concentration) method to test nano- and micro-particles (including bacteria) in large volume of samples (over several milliliters). This technology will ultimately decrease the total cost for production and diagnosis by cutting down the time and the labor efforts required to test nano- and micro-particles.”

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