Korean company Match helping men with receding hairline

Match wants to revolutionise the wig industry for men.

When men in their 30s and 40s start seeing receding hairlines, it can cause harm to self-image. Korean startup Match has come up with a solution for the men with hair loss issue. The exclusive men’s style care brand Match is created to reinterpret the wig industry.

Style care brand

MATCH is the style care brand. We define the wig as a fashion statement, not just a hair accessory.  You can wear a luxurious suit but people are going to see your hairstyle first however you spend on the suit. We want our product to bring more value to our customers’ lifestyle. It is not just for covering your hair loss but to complete your style from the top and make you who you really are That is why we name our product  Hair Suit.

Online and offline services

MATCH offers O2O services through online wig sales with its hairsuitmatch.com site and also offers offline barbershop services. According to statistics, over 10 million men in South Korea suffer from hair loss problem. The market for hair loss solutions is growing by 30% every year in the country. MATCH with its wig service is trying to capture the growing market. MATCH’s services are especially useful for those suffering from alopecia areata, a medical condition where hair falls in round patches.

The hairsuitmatch.com site connects the customers with relevant MATCH shops, where they get wig style consultation, fitting service and maintenance products.  After the wig purchase, MATCH provides 3 styling sessions. In cases they want a haircut we can do the styling together and also offer head spa.

Global network and expansion

The startup launched its services in 2018 with 6 months of research for 500+ l Korean male about the perception of a wig. MATCH opened wigs shop for market test and took feedback from 397 wig customers to improve service.  MATCH has formed a global production network with UK, Swiss, Italy, the US, China, Japan, and Korea, for maintaining the product quality and building up SCM networks. The company wants to expand its services t to Europe, China, USA and Middle-East markets and to launch hair care products business in coming years.

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February 14,2020

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