Korean startup Foresys taking care of the Ocean through engineering and environment projects

Floating barrier prototype by Foresys.

Ocean is a complex space for structuring and engineering works as it requires a deep understanding of multi-physics including fluid, structure, and seabed foundation. Foresys Co., Ltd. is the Korean startup that is bringing innovation to a broad range of engineering services for ocean structuring and is also contributing to sustainability through its renewable energy projects. The startup provides innovative R&D and engineering services while developing various types of floating barriers for debris, oil & chemical, jellyfish, etc. to address environmental concerns.

Evaluations, design, analysis for Ocean structures

Founded in 2017, Foresys’ primary service is marine and offshore structure designs. The startup offers structural design, hydrodynamic response, mooring optimization, riser dynamics and numerical analysis. The company offers services for on/offshore pipeline structures with site investigation, on/offshore pipeline evaluation and numerical analysis. For various jack-up platforms over the oceans, the startup helps in planning and strategy through site investigation, spudcan foundation, installation, operation, extraction and numerical analysis services. The company also has an expertise in coastal engineering with services in jetty design, marina design, breakwater design and analysis.

Foresys also offers services for renewable energy projects involving wind, wave and current energy through design, evaluation and investigations. The startup is composed of qualified experts specialized in marine, offshore and subsea infrastructure engineering. The engineers are devoted to research into the state of the art technology to offer the flawless services to the clients and at the same time, each member of the company is putting their efforts writing journals and papers in their fields.

Taking care of the marine environment

Foresys is not only concerned with its business prospects but is also working to contribute to the sustainability of the ocean. The company is developing a spar-type ocean debris barrier to prevent the spread of land-based ocean debris and separate them out of the ocean. Foresys’ floating barrier is eco-friendly that does natural collection by the currents, and the power system is by renewable energy from waves and solar. Debris flowing to a broad range of areas by the current can be collected with the floating barrier device and then be removed from the ocean. The barriers are built with utmost care as to not harm the marine environment through easy installation and removal options. Foresys is also aiming to develop oil and chemical containment barrier in the future. Foresys is also preparing for relevant patents for up-cycling of marine waste in collaboration with domestic and international organizations and groups.

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February 14,2020

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