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Launchpad France Demo Day 

Add to Calendar 09/28/2020 08:00 AM 09/29/2020 10:00 AM America/Los_Angeles Launchpad France Demo Day Paris/France

KOCCA (Korean Government Agency – Korea Creative Content Agency) and beSUCCESS Media Group invite you to the KOCCA Launchpad 2020 France Demo Day, an exciting showcase featuring 5 emerging startups from South Korea.

This Live Demo Day aims to give Korean startups opportunities to raise funds from investors. The live-streaming will be attended by Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, companies looking for partnership deals, and distribution channels.

The Korean startup ecosystem is thriving, producing innovative products and services across sectors. The startups are also showing extraordinary growth, with 11 startups already achieving the ‘unicorn’ status. Supported by Korea’s robust mobile infrastructure, government support, and venture boom, Korea could have 20 unicorn companies by 2022. 

KOCCA, the host of this online live-streaming event, is the South Korean government’s leading agency in charge of supporting and advancing the cause of Korean creative content within South Korea and abroad. The KOCCA Launchpad 2020 Indonesia Demo Day will be conducted on December 2, 2020, on Zoom, allowing investors and venture capitalists from all over the world the exciting opportunity to participate in and get involved with some promising companies.

Total of following 5 start-ups have been selected for the event

  1. AIVAR: AI+VR+AR. Based on the body data, AIVAR suggests which size fits users.
  2. Letsee: Letsee provides a new augmented reality solution based on WebAR technology.
  3. Tenqube: Gomst by Tenqube is a global fashion search engine for mobile users.
  4. The Color Group: N2 Falls makes cold-brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas readily anytime, even at home.
  5. SG Entertainment:  A human-focused production agency for idols, performers and creators.

Registration and Timing for the Live-Streaming Event

The Live Streaming Online Demo Day will happen on December 2, 2020 9 AM to 10 AM Paris time. Each company will get 5-minute time to pitch in for their funding or other needs. During and after the live streaming of the pitches, you will be able to access more information about each company, request their investor materials and book one-on-one meetings with them immediately. There are no fees to participate in the event. 

The registration for the event can be done through the link: https://forms.gle/9tqu9e78tfeAkLSu8

KOCCA will send a confirmation email post registration which will have the invite link for the Live streaming. All global investors looking to invest or partner with some very interesting and promising Korean start-ups should definitely attend the event.

Questions? Email [email protected]
Press inquiries? Email [email protected]

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Round Size
US 10 millions
South Korea
AIVAR means AI+VR+AR. Based on the body data AIVAR suggests what size is fit for you.
South Korea

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